Tuesday, 30 December 2014

'Interstellar' Film Review

In a distant future, when the planet runs out of food, pilot and engineer Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) unwillingly leaves his family behind in order to pioneer a mission to discover another habitable planet through a recently discovered black hole.

On the surface, 'Interstellar' is a hardcore sci-fi film about space travel and theoretical physics, but with Christopher Nolan's touch, is a movie about relationships, love and inevitably paradoxical time-space stuff that the average human will probably not understand.

Visually spectacular and gives 'Gravity' a run for its money (only just), the representation of black holes and interstellar travel is refreshingly original and wow-inducing.

At just under three hours long, the film takes a long time to build up- way too long- despite the beautiful colour palette and the contrasts of galactic imagery, the defining moment that I was waiting for in the movie only surfaced by the end when Cooper is in the tesseract. 

As the film reaches it's climax, it leaves more questions than it answers, but thanks to the world's movie fanatics, numerous infographics have been created to help us make sense of this great movie. It wouldn't be a Nolan film without one!

After three hours trekking through space, the ending leaves you with hope.

Matthew McConaughey- Cooper
Jessica Chastain- Murph
Anne Hathaway- Brand
Michael Caine- Professor Brand

Also stars Wes Bentley, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace and Matt Damon.

The all star cast is led by popular man of late, Matthew McConaughey, who has definitely dropped his early comedy antics in a flawless performance as Cooper, supported by a genuine and angsty Jessica Chastain as well as Anne Hathaway, who steals several scenes. 

'Interstellar' is one of many films of late that deal with themes of humanity's future, future technology and future Human evolution (see 'Lucy' and 'Transcendence'), tackling it in a way that though filled with techy jargon, is rooted in Humanity and relationships.

Though not quite as slick as 'Inception', 'Interstellar' is arguably a much more complex movie and leaves even more to be talked about, especially as it awards season is drawing near.

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  1. 'Interstellar' was incredible. The visuals, the score, the acting, were all amazing. The plot is definitely one of the most original I've seen in a while.


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