Monday, 8 December 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 15 (Finale) Recap

Missed the finale over the weekend but catching up now with the two hour finale special. Will the winner be Will, Keith or Adam? Or will Lennox win it for the girls?

Tyra pays them a visit and announces that they will be starring in a commercial for her make up line, bringing with her all the previously eliminated models, with which the finalists can pick those they want in their team.

Adam: Kari, Denzel, Chantelle
Keith: Mirjana, Shei
Will: Ivy, Raelia
Lennox: Matt, Ben 

In walks Allison Harvard who guest stars this episode. Now living in the Philippines, the fan favourite of all time has been getting a lot of work in the East. She cameos in the advert, looking amazing throughout :P

Keith's video was really weird and kind of awkward, the best bit being the part when he puts lipstick on gorgeous Mirjana. Adam does ok, but lol at him having to stand on a ladder :P

Will struggles with his top off, but seems to pull himself together later, whilst Lennox is flawless on her shoot, or so we are made to think!

The contestants are taken to the elimination room for their GUESS photo shoot. Adam does well, as does Will. Lennox appeared to struggle with being sexy, but I'm sure she pulled through. Keith is average.

So Tyra comes walking in and announces that she has been sneakily watching the whole shoot, picked their best shots and will be eliminating one of them RIGHT NOW. Impending Panic Attack.

Judges loved the black and white.

Tyra liked it, but critiqued by Kelly for trying too hard for sexy.

Judges ate this up.

Great Black and White shot, strong colour shot.

First call out goes to... Adam, followed by Will (YES YES YES). In the bottom are Keith and Lennox. Who will be eliminated? Find out next ep (as usual)

In the end, the last model to make it in the final is... Keith. :( BOOOOOOO Will better win this! It's so fixed though because Lennox has the highest scores overall by far, so she would so obviously had won based on overall scores. This was such a ploy to just get rid of her.... and so unjustified as well. We'll never get to see that Tyra commercial of hers :(

Pffft... so final runway for Lie Sang Bong. 

Keith keeps making that annoying smirk- i couldn't get any good screen grabs of him. Adam is stompy. The video choreography for Will is best with that panning upwards. Lennox looked amazing.

So who will be America's Next Top Model?

After going through their portfolio and runway walk...America's Next Top Model is...

ALLISON HARVARD!! Yes, because Keith should not have won this... but oh well... :( Bring on Cycle 22

Eliminated contestants' best shots:

Did your favourite win this cycle? Check out who my favourites were every cycle!

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