Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 6 Recap

This week the candidates design their own board games from prototype to completion before selling them to trade. James and Pamela heads up the teams with a geography game and a relationship game respectively.

Despite market research telling them otherwise, Pamela goes for a relationship game that has been branded sexist during the trial run. It could have worked, but the way they've done it isn't really playable and seems rather boring. They could have just done a question and answer 'get to know your friends' better kind of game.

The other team's simple game that is child and family friendly (and even educational) is rather good, though it's a mock off of articulate/charades in terms of design. The market research group and the trial run liked it. 

At a pitch, Bianca made a critical mistake of offering exclusivity to a retailer of the whole of Westminster for just 6 units, which greatly angered James.

Love Guri sold 1101 vs Geoknow's 2080 gives James his first win as PM. Bianca gets away unscathed.

Back in the boardroom, the distasteful game was the cause of the task failing and in the end, Pamela brings back Lauren and Daniel. Hopefully Daniel goes home- he really needs to go!!

After a short amount of debating, Lord Sugar fires Pamela out of the blue and warns Daniel and Lauren about 'playing a game'. Next week the candidates go to New York!

Top Three:
1. Mark
2. Roisin
3. Katie

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  1. I can only feel sorry for New York next week.. lol


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