Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 5 Recap

Going to be a mega short recap. Basically this week the two teams go head to head, creating their own coach tour. Sanjay leads team Summit and Daniel leads team Tenacity. 

Daniel did not really do well on this task and was heavily supported by his sub team, which consisted of Mark and Pamela, who grabbed him a bargain for Blenheim Palace. He also did not sell any of the tickets for the tour, despite claiming to be the best salesman.

On the other team, Sanjay sets much lower margins and picks Hever Castle as their destination, followed by Canterbury. James tries to drive a hard bargain but fails.

As the tours begin the next day, James annoyingly sings coach songs throughout, which bugged everyone, and their team manages to get lost in Canterbury and had to cut their day short. What's more, Jemma refers to paintings of Henry VIII as photographs and really struggled delivering a convincing tour, whilst Lauren was flawless at the task for Tenacity.

In the end, team Summit (Sanjay's team) profit 813.17 whilst Tenacity (Daniel's team) generated £1037.09 profit due to the margins set out at the beginning and deservingly also delivered the better day out. 

Sanjay brings back Bianca and Jemma, pinning the failure of the task to selling the tickets too low and a lack of contribution from Jemma. I thought this was utterly unfair as the whole task was about margins and the profit was what drove the win. As long as they sold the tickets, how good the tour was was ultimately secondary in this particular task. Obviously in the real world, good tours lead to repeat business but it's The Apprentice!

Lord Sugar fires Jemma for her lack of contribution thus far and for her bad tour-giving though in my opinion was not the cause of failure. That lies solely on Sanjay's decision on margins. Had he set a higher margin, Bianca's range of discounting wouldn't have affected them. 

I'm looking forward to next week's board game related task!

Top Three:
1. Mark
2. Roisin
3. Lauren/Pamela/Katie

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