Sunday, 2 November 2014

'Before I Go To Sleep' Film Review

After a traumatic accident, Christine (Nicole Kidman) wakes up every day not remembering the events of the day before. With the help of Dr Nash (Mark Strong), Christine begins keeping a video diary and seeks to unearth the truth about her attack. When she discovers that her husband Mike (Colin Firth) has been keeping secrets from her, she realises she can trust no one, maybe not even herself.

The movie begins sharply and plays out in a repetitive yet progressive fashion, gradually releasing clues and snippets of new information as Christine wakes up each day next to her husband. The suspect shifts frantically as you wonder if it could be Mike, or is it actually her doctor? Or maybe the secret best friend that has disappeared? Is she imagining it all? These are all questions that fly around your mind as the film plays out.

Whilst this is no 'Memento', the dark undertones with some graphic imagery and tense pace gives you a similar gripping feeling. Unfortunately, the plot overall is less smart and the twists and turns slightly choppy. Though some developments are predictable, some shock you as it builds up.

As the film reaches its climax, undertones of 'Gone Girl' begin to surface and it really kind of creeps you out- building the tension for what should have been an explosive ending. Instead, it opted for a submissive struggle that reached a resolve in a cathartic way, finishing on a rather flat note.

Nicole Kidman- Christine
Mark Strong- Dr. Nash
Colin Firth- Mike

Also stars Anne-Marie Duff

Nicole Kidman is sharp though slightly bewildered throughout, whilst Colin Firth manages to bring a range of disguises as both loving husband and questionable suspect. 

~~~OVERALL 7.5/10~~~
'Before I Go To Sleep' is a solid thriller that explores the anmesia theme with lots of thrilling potential. Full of twists and turns though albeit choppy, the tension builds to an explosive point, unfortunately only to pop and end disappointingly.

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