Tuesday, 25 November 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 14 Recap

Very Quick Recap this week. It's the penultimate episode of cycle 21 (already!) and with just five remaining: Shei, Lenox, Will, Keith and Adam, who will make it to the finale? And will it be a double elimination?

So the first challenge this week is an acting challenge, alongside some people from K-drama 'Emergency Couple'. Will doesn't do so well, lacking chemistry with his partner. Adam, who so confidently remembered his lines yesterday, lost most of them and was really twitchy on set. Lenox was a mess. In the end, Keith wins the challenge and lots of sunglasses.

For the photo shoot this week, the theme is Marilyn Monroe/Elvis Presley impersonators which is a wreck. The theme is a mess and the results are poor. Such a shame the contestants had to be judged on this as to whether they make the finale or not! 

Most of them struggle apart from Adam who kills it on set. 

At panel...

Adam 10,9,10
No doubt best performing contestant this week, though not sure the photo really is a 10,10,9. Good for him- securing a first call out, no less.

Shei 7,7,8
Not a bad photo, but not great. Just floating around the middle. Would've liked more face.

 Lenox 8,7,9
Definitely sabotaged. This could not have been her best shot. I mean, check her film- there seems to be so many good and varied moments, and then this comes out? smh. 

Will 7,8,9
This is such a messy photo- not fashion at all... his worst photo? :(

Keith 9,8,7
Another messy photo- looks more comedic than fashion. Energy Kelly? Look at those dead eyes! Biased scoring... rocketing him to second...

In the end, first call out goes to...

Adam followed by Keith and Will. Lenox and Shei are in the bottom and Shei goes home. The editing this week was predictable and since she wasn't going to get first call out, she's going home! :( So 4 finalists will feature in the two hour finale with one leaving early. Who will take the crown? 

So the big question is, Will Tyra crown a guy or a girl? Probably going to be a guy- it's going to be another 'Whitney' where they go- if a guy is ever going to win, it might as well be now... hmm... we'll see!

Just happy that Will and Lenox made it to the finals :)

Eliminated contestants' photos:

Ivy's best photo? and also Kari's?

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