Saturday, 15 November 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 12 Recap

Was away last weekend and been super busy this week do didn't get to watch last week's ANTM until now, so here's a double bill! 

The contestants are going to Korea!! But first we are introduced to budding flames Adam and Shei. Smh. Can they NOT have a couple at any one point? urgh... Editing shows Chantelle in a bad light- home? or best photo?

For their first challenge, the contestants learn dance moves from K-Pop group BtoB before having to perform it in public and have a fashion photographer shoot them. 

Shei Adam Keith
Shei looked amazing and did well... don't know if it's the editing but Adam was out of rhythm and just looked kind of dead- they are giving him the alcoholic edit this episode so... we'll see. Keith was ok, but meh.

Will Raelia Lennox Chantelle
Chantelle does do well, as does Raelia with her long limbs. Will and Lennox struggle and when announced that they didn't make the top three, gave this priceless expression:

In the end, the winner of the challenge is Raelia S: thought she was getting the going home edit!

For the photo shoot, they will be posing for MCM at Seoul City Hall, with the best photo becoming the campaign for the brand. 

Adam and Keith struggle, Shei shines. Raelia did not fit the brand. Yu Tsai calls Chantelle a panda at which she flips at and vows to call him up on it... drama for next episode!

At panel...

Lenox 7,8,10
Kelly loves the shot and makes up for J's low one by giving her a ten... It's a good shot- could have been a stronger face but the styling is perfect.

Raelia 6,7,6
she's going home! she must do. she's overstayed and her photo this week is close to horrific. She's a super nice person and has an amazing body but her portfolio from this competition is not good.

Shei 8, 7, 8
Her face is slightly... negative? Interesting pose and angles but it's off.

Adam 7,8,9

Good face, the composition and body is off. Covering the dog, and too much black it just doesn't work. Those sympathy points from the judges urgh!

Will 10,10,10
His best photo to date and a great shot- colours, styling, composition- perfect. First call out is a must.

That right hand is so distracting... urgh 10s all around? Not deserved. Will> Keith. He's going to steal the first call out unless Will gets atleast 1 higher on social media! :(

Chantelle 8,6,6
Not a bad photo, but could have been stronger. 

So, the first call out goes to...

Keith, followed by Will and Lennox. In the bottom two are Raelia and Chantelle, with Raelia going home! Woop! Finally. Will totally got robbed of his first call out- his photo - wayyy more high fashion... double spread > Keith of a mess.

Top Three:
1. Will
2. Lennox
3. Shei

Eliminated contestant's photos:

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