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America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 13 Recap

It's GO-See week, one of my favourite challenges of the competition. The guys get paired up as they wish. Will grabs Shei to save himself from having to be paired with Chantelle. Isn't this the exact thing that's causing her to be so defensive. It's like school all over again, where noone wants to be paired with her etc. etc. it certainly won't help her open herself up- guess it's becoming a vicious cycle. 

Will- Shei

Lennox- Adam

Chantelle- Keith

They all decide to head to the furthest one (Resurrection), forcing Keith and Chantelle to change their plans. Chantelle wears her shades the whole time which is super rude and definitely did not book that one. Will is too tall for the client, and they also did not like Shei's eyebrows. 

Lennox seemed to be liked by quite a few of the clients and was given a 10 by Mag and Logan. Adam's too short for many of them and Chantelle too unique.

Back at Nylon Korea, where Lennox and Adam barely makes it back on time.

Shei 2
Will 0
Adam 1
Lennox 4
Keith 4 
Chantelle 1

In the end, Keith wins the challenge, but both him and Lennox gets to walk in the Mag and Logan show at Seoul fashion week.

For the photo shoot, the contestants will be posing alongside Jini Lee and James Joo Hyun Lee, with a palace as back drop, modelling Jinny Kim shoes, the best shot will be an ad campaign.

Adam struggles to begin with but seems to manage a good shot, Keith for once gives a range of poses and actually looked quite good in the shot. Lennox only got like 2 seconds of screen time- but it seemed somewhat awkward. Will struggles with his shoes- better not give him the shoes dont fit, work through the pain- i can see pain in your face responses... but he does well!

Chantelle drama back at the house leads her to 'sleep' in the hallway, but the producers probably ushered her back in for H&S reasons etc etc. it was stupid for her to lie about what she did, worse for Shei to break confidentiality. How is Chantelle going to trust ANYONE ever again!

Also, if you haven't already noticed, the adam alcoholic edit has been superceded, but here's a gentle reminder (they showed this picture like three times in the past two eps!)

At panel...

Keith 9,9,10
Didn't think this would be his best shot, but it's not bad. 

Lennox 8,8,10
Ok photo, not amazing, definitely not a 10. 

Adam 8,7,9
Strong shot, quite nice

Shei 7,9,8
Good body, not keen on the face, good product placement.

Chantelle 7,6,8
Stiff body, face could be softer. Awkward shot.

Will 8,8,10
I like this shot.

Overall, didnt really like this shoot- no real stand out photos... pretty sure Chantelle is going. hopefulyl anyway. Keith to get another first call out urgh.

First call out goes to...

Keith followed by Lennox and Will. In the bottom two are Adam and Chantelle. In the end, Chantelle goes home. Hmm... She definitely had potential but I don't think she's there mentally- she needs to work on herself, her attitude and how she views others before she goes into this industry. There's definitely a lot of hurt and pain that she's experienced and she hasn't yet worked past that which definitely affected her performance. 

Top Three:
1. Will
2. Lennox
3. Shei

Eliminated contestants' best shots:


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