Tuesday, 25 November 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 14 Recap

Very Quick Recap this week. It's the penultimate episode of cycle 21 (already!) and with just five remaining: Shei, Lenox, Will, Keith and Adam, who will make it to the finale? And will it be a double elimination?

So the first challenge this week is an acting challenge, alongside some people from K-drama 'Emergency Couple'. Will doesn't do so well, lacking chemistry with his partner. Adam, who so confidently remembered his lines yesterday, lost most of them and was really twitchy on set. Lenox was a mess. In the end, Keith wins the challenge and lots of sunglasses.

For the photo shoot this week, the theme is Marilyn Monroe/Elvis Presley impersonators which is a wreck. The theme is a mess and the results are poor. Such a shame the contestants had to be judged on this as to whether they make the finale or not! 

Most of them struggle apart from Adam who kills it on set. 

At panel...

Adam 10,9,10
No doubt best performing contestant this week, though not sure the photo really is a 10,10,9. Good for him- securing a first call out, no less.

Shei 7,7,8
Not a bad photo, but not great. Just floating around the middle. Would've liked more face.

 Lenox 8,7,9
Definitely sabotaged. This could not have been her best shot. I mean, check her film- there seems to be so many good and varied moments, and then this comes out? smh. 

Will 7,8,9
This is such a messy photo- not fashion at all... his worst photo? :(

Keith 9,8,7
Another messy photo- looks more comedic than fashion. Energy Kelly? Look at those dead eyes! Biased scoring... rocketing him to second...

In the end, first call out goes to...

'Jurassic World' Film Trailer Preview

Steven Spielberg's 'Jurassic Park' franchise gets a reboot come 2015 when the park reopens for visitors.

Chris Pratt leads the cast as they journey to the island once again after ten years of extensive genetic research, resulting in a dino-hybrid that before we know it, wrecks havoc on the island. Looks to be a gripping and visually stunning film.

'Jurassic World' will be released in June. Check out the trailer below:

Sunday, 23 November 2014

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I' Film Review

The two part finale of The Hunger Games saga begins with a tormented Katniss struggling to align herself to the events of 'Catching Fire'.

With Peeta held captive in the Capitol and used as their 'weapon', Katniss is persuaded at all costs to become the 'Mockingjay', the face of the revolution, in order to respond with their own propaganda, spurring on the other districts to take up arms and fight for freedom.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

'The Age of Adaline' Film Trailer Preview

Gossip Girl's Blake Lively stars in the upcoming film 'Age of Adanine', the first trailer of which was released today.

Adaline (Blake Lively) stopped aging after a traumatic accident and this romantic drama deals with her family aging past her, how she lets go and how she puts down her guard to find new love in the form of Nashville's Michiel Huisman. 

Think Benjamin Button. The film will be released in April 2015. Check out the trailer below:

'Cinderella' Film Trailer Preview

Director Kenneth Branagh's latest film will be Disney's 'Cinderella' live action movie starring Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter.

The classic tale gets revitalised in similar fashion to 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Snow White and the Huntsman' with Lily James playing the titular role. However, this looks to be a less dramatic affair- no unwarranted battle scenes for once!

Cinderella will be released in March 2015. Check out the trailer below:

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Roxanne Emery 'For Weddings and a Funeral' Album Review

Having released numerous EP albums since 2011, Roxanne Emery's debut full length record (announced over a year ago), titled 'For Weddings and a Funeral' has been released for about a week. The album features a number of Emery's most well known tracks as well as a bunch of new songs.


1. Cold Heart
2. Fools Gold
3. Shower The People
4. Daughter
5. High Wire
6. Remember Me
8. River Runs Dry
9. Burning Blue
10. Build a Home
11. LATE (Acoustic)
12. On Fire (Acoustic)

'Cold Heart' delightfully opens the album. As this was the track that first introduced me to Emery, this version is further polished, though I'll always be fond of the acoustic. The album is never overproduced and captures Emery's voice as it is- soft, at times folksy with a mix of pop, giving an acoustic, easy to listen to sound.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 13 Recap

It's GO-See week, one of my favourite challenges of the competition. The guys get paired up as they wish. Will grabs Shei to save himself from having to be paired with Chantelle. Isn't this the exact thing that's causing her to be so defensive. It's like school all over again, where noone wants to be paired with her etc. etc. it certainly won't help her open herself up- guess it's becoming a vicious cycle. 

Will- Shei

Lennox- Adam

Chantelle- Keith

They all decide to head to the furthest one (Resurrection), forcing Keith and Chantelle to change their plans. Chantelle wears her shades the whole time which is super rude and definitely did not book that one. Will is too tall for the client, and they also did not like Shei's eyebrows. 

Lennox seemed to be liked by quite a few of the clients and was given a 10 by Mag and Logan. Adam's too short for many of them and Chantelle too unique.

Back at Nylon Korea, where Lennox and Adam barely makes it back on time.

Shei 2
Will 0
Adam 1
Lennox 4
Keith 4 
Chantelle 1

In the end, Keith wins the challenge, but both him and Lennox gets to walk in the Mag and Logan show at Seoul fashion week.

For the photo shoot, the contestants will be posing alongside Jini Lee and James Joo Hyun Lee, with a palace as back drop, modelling Jinny Kim shoes, the best shot will be an ad campaign.

Adam struggles to begin with but seems to manage a good shot, Keith for once gives a range of poses and actually looked quite good in the shot. Lennox only got like 2 seconds of screen time- but it seemed somewhat awkward. Will struggles with his shoes- better not give him the shoes dont fit, work through the pain- i can see pain in your face responses... but he does well!

Chantelle drama back at the house leads her to 'sleep' in the hallway, but the producers probably ushered her back in for H&S reasons etc etc. it was stupid for her to lie about what she did, worse for Shei to break confidentiality. How is Chantelle going to trust ANYONE ever again!

Also, if you haven't already noticed, the adam alcoholic edit has been superceded, but here's a gentle reminder (they showed this picture like three times in the past two eps!)

At panel...

Keith 9,9,10
Didn't think this would be his best shot, but it's not bad. 

Lennox 8,8,10
Ok photo, not amazing, definitely not a 10. 

Adam 8,7,9
Strong shot, quite nice

Shei 7,9,8
Good body, not keen on the face, good product placement.

Chantelle 7,6,8
Stiff body, face could be softer. Awkward shot.

Will 8,8,10
I like this shot.

Overall, didnt really like this shoot- no real stand out photos... pretty sure Chantelle is going. hopefulyl anyway. Keith to get another first call out urgh.

First call out goes to...

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 12 Recap

Was away last weekend and been super busy this week do didn't get to watch last week's ANTM until now, so here's a double bill! 

The contestants are going to Korea!! But first we are introduced to budding flames Adam and Shei. Smh. Can they NOT have a couple at any one point? urgh... Editing shows Chantelle in a bad light- home? or best photo?

For their first challenge, the contestants learn dance moves from K-Pop group BtoB before having to perform it in public and have a fashion photographer shoot them. 

Shei Adam Keith
Shei looked amazing and did well... don't know if it's the editing but Adam was out of rhythm and just looked kind of dead- they are giving him the alcoholic edit this episode so... we'll see. Keith was ok, but meh.

Will Raelia Lennox Chantelle
Chantelle does do well, as does Raelia with her long limbs. Will and Lennox struggle and when announced that they didn't make the top three, gave this priceless expression:

In the end, the winner of the challenge is Raelia S: thought she was getting the going home edit!

For the photo shoot, they will be posing for MCM at Seoul City Hall, with the best photo becoming the campaign for the brand. 

Adam and Keith struggle, Shei shines. Raelia did not fit the brand. Yu Tsai calls Chantelle a panda at which she flips at and vows to call him up on it... drama for next episode!

At panel...

Lenox 7,8,10
Kelly loves the shot and makes up for J's low one by giving her a ten... It's a good shot- could have been a stronger face but the styling is perfect.

Raelia 6,7,6
she's going home! she must do. she's overstayed and her photo this week is close to horrific. She's a super nice person and has an amazing body but her portfolio from this competition is not good.

Shei 8, 7, 8
Her face is slightly... negative? Interesting pose and angles but it's off.

Adam 7,8,9

Good face, the composition and body is off. Covering the dog, and too much black it just doesn't work. Those sympathy points from the judges urgh!

Will 10,10,10
His best photo to date and a great shot- colours, styling, composition- perfect. First call out is a must.

That right hand is so distracting... urgh 10s all around? Not deserved. Will> Keith. He's going to steal the first call out unless Will gets atleast 1 higher on social media! :(

Chantelle 8,6,6
Not a bad photo, but could have been stronger. 

So, the first call out goes to...

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 6 Recap

This week the candidates design their own board games from prototype to completion before selling them to trade. James and Pamela heads up the teams with a geography game and a relationship game respectively.

Despite market research telling them otherwise, Pamela goes for a relationship game that has been branded sexist during the trial run. It could have worked, but the way they've done it isn't really playable and seems rather boring. They could have just done a question and answer 'get to know your friends' better kind of game.

The other team's simple game that is child and family friendly (and even educational) is rather good, though it's a mock off of articulate/charades in terms of design. The market research group and the trial run liked it. 

At a pitch, Bianca made a critical mistake of offering exclusivity to a retailer of the whole of Westminster for just 6 units, which greatly angered James.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Taylor Swift 'Blank Space' Official Music Video

Celebrating the success of her recently released new album, '1989', Taylor Swift continues to model her 'Shake it Off' mentality in her craziest video yet.

New single 'Blank Space' is a parody of her love life as commonly depicted by the media and sees her enticing guys into her world only for her to spit them out one by one. 

The fun video features a million costume changes, a beautiful set and co-star Sean O'Pry, plus a little bit of crazy from Swift herself. If you haven't already gone and bought 1989, do it now- it's insanely good.

Check out the video below:

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 5 Recap

Going to be a mega short recap. Basically this week the two teams go head to head, creating their own coach tour. Sanjay leads team Summit and Daniel leads team Tenacity. 

Daniel did not really do well on this task and was heavily supported by his sub team, which consisted of Mark and Pamela, who grabbed him a bargain for Blenheim Palace. He also did not sell any of the tickets for the tour, despite claiming to be the best salesman.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

'Captain Phillips' Film Review

Nominated for six Academy awards (including Best Motion Picture, Best Supporting actor and best adapted screenplay), Captain Phillips is based on the true story of Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks), whose cargo ship is hijacked by Somali pirates, led by Muse (Barkhad Abdi).

The struggle for power between the two men aboard the Maersk Alabama sends them on an unstoppable voyage that soon falls outside of their control. 

'Before I Go To Sleep' Film Review

After a traumatic accident, Christine (Nicole Kidman) wakes up every day not remembering the events of the day before. With the help of Dr Nash (Mark Strong), Christine begins keeping a video diary and seeks to unearth the truth about her attack. When she discovers that her husband Mike (Colin Firth) has been keeping secrets from her, she realises she can trust no one, maybe not even herself.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Taylor Swift in Cosmopolitan Magazine (Dec 2014) in 23 countries!!

Taylor Swift covers Cosmopolitan this December in over 23 countries. Having just released her new album, '1989', which is sure to be this year's highest selling album, the world super star is on a whirlwind promo stint as well as being named ambassador for New York.

Check out some early snaps below:

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 11 Recap

As it's the recap episode this week (yawn), I'll keep it brief and just write anything of interest...

... and it turns out there really wasn't much of interest apart from the fact that they really pushed for Adam and Keith to have more screen time. Also, Romeo has an anger problem and appears to be constantly unhinged.

Here are some of the best shots from the cycle so far...


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