Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 4 Recap

Ella Jade and Solomon are made project managers for this weeks' task which is revolved around creating an online video channel. The team with the most views will win the task.

Fat Daddy's Fitness Hell vs Dare to Dine

Solomon's food focused channel sees James ditch his suit for a naked chef look and being super silly around the kitchen opposite Roisin, whilst Ella Jade's fitness channel has Katie training Felipe who is the 'fat daddy' trying to lose weight. 

Fat Daddy's Fitness Hell is kind of average and offensive, and doesn't really look very well made. Though Dare to Dine is super silly, it fits in with their audience of young teens, especially given their endorsement with Olly White, a hot young blogger.

Ella Jade's team make the fundamental mistake of not naming or giving a description to their trailer video. 

Both teams pitch their channel to Buzzfeed, with the former critiqued for the excessive character of James and a misguided target audience whilst the latter critiqued for an offensive video.

Lord Sugar is going to rip them to shreds. I can see it.

In the boardroom... Solomon's team were praised for getting social media sharing from their collaborator, but both teams failed to get Buzzfeed. In the end, Team Summit got 3532 views with Ella Jade receiving 3314 views. The winning team goes to Iceland!! Woop... ok... so will Sarah finally be brought into the boardroom having hidden and escaped for the past three weeks?

The failure of the task has been identified as due to the unsuccessful collaborator and the unfocused direction of the channel. From Sarah's CV, looks like they should have just made a channel about her hypnotherapy! Ella Jade brings back Sarah and Steven. 

The three battle it out in the boardroom but in the end, after all the shouting and a LOT of begging from Ella Jade, they ALL GO HOME! :( I'm gonna miss Sarah- she's hilarious!

Top Three:
1. Roisin
2. Mark
3. Solomon

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