Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 3 Recap

This is going to be a quick one- since it was my birthday yesterday and I'm super tired from work! This week the candidates are creating home scented goods that can maximise on margins. The teams get mixed up with Roisin leading team Summit and Katie leading team Tenacity.

Roisin's high end product comes with the smell of a sea breeze, called 'Beach Dreams', whilst Katie's Team has a mix of Aloe Vera, Lemon Grass and Green Tea, calling it 'British Breeze'. Roisin's high end product is being sold at a low end price of £15 whilst Katie's is being sold for £20 MINIMUM. 

Though Roisin has a better product, if they don't make the margins and get the higher profit, one of the team will be going home! However, there are clearly passengers on both teams so I'm sure they'll be weeded out one by one...

Katie's team managed to sell a scented candle and a diffuser for £52. Who buys this stuff!! D:

Roisin's team managed to sell all their products, despite the sub team reducing the prices to a £5, whilst Roisin and her team sold all their reed diffusers to a gift shop for a lower price when the hotel made it clear they wanted them and probably for a higher margin!

Sarah proves difficult and doesn't manage to make a sale at the desired price. The team have lots of leftover products. Let's hope their high margins make up for the lack of sales!

In the boardroom, Roisin's team were praised for their product, whilst Katie's were criticised for ignoring market research. Sarah voiced her concern for price, but was shut down by the rest. In the end, they still won as they had the higher margins.

Summit profit: £1569.32
Tenacity profit: £1584.09

Roisin will clearly be bringing back the team members that sold it for the cheapest as they only lost by £14!! and them selling out the reed diffusers early meant a loss rather than a win. Lindsay looks so miserable and when questioned, just agreed that she was not pulling her weight on the task, and ultimately got fired for this.

Roisin brings back James and Nurun, with hopefully Nurun fired, because James clearly has potential despite being the one to sell the products for the lowest price and hence losing the task. In the end, Nurun is fired for her lack of contribution and being out of her depth for the past three weeks.

Top Three
1. Roisin
2. Mark
3. ???

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