Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 2 Recap

Sorry guys but I was out last night gorging on Japanese food and hence missed The Apprentice, so here is my late update! That said, the results were spoilt for me in today's Metro, nonetheless I'll be recapping briefly the highlights of episode two (quite a significant number this one!) ;)

The task this week is for the candidates to design a piece of wearable technology that will be pitched to retailers. Lord Sugar points out that Robert should be PM but he ignores this despite his business idea being in high end fashion. Scott volunteers as PM and dictates medical related technology which somehow ended up being a light up screen on a jumper??

Decadence becomes Tenacity and Nurun is almost pushed into being PM as she sells Asian scarves lol! Bianca who runs a styling team probably knew more about fashion but oh well. They decide on a light up/colour changing jacket.

Despite the focus group not being keen on the screen idea, the boys go with it anyway, and at the tech group, is told that their idea has already been produced quite recently and takes a long time. With no help or guidance from PM Scott, they decide on an 'On Air' design that can record film and lights up. Eww..

It could have been so much simpler with just a camera embedded into the top somewhere with a cool logo but oh well... let's see how badly they do!

Team Tenacity does not receive their product due to the complexity of the design and risk having nothing to pitch with.

Pitching to JD, Firebox and John Lewis, the girls' managed to pitch quite effectively, though their product slightly too convoluted with lights, heat pads AND a charger. The boys have more hitches, with the camera being upside down, Daniel saying they wouldn't wear the product out in public...

Nurun leads the final pitch to John Lewis and struggles to find her words, whilst the guys struggle to sell the privacy issues with their products. Also, what are these two stylish guys doing working for John Lewis!

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar is disappointed with the candidates' ducking about at taking the PM role. JD and John Lewis did not place any orders for either team's design, but Firebox secured the girls' second win with 250 orders.

Lord Sugar fires Robert immediately for ducking out. Scott decides to bring back Daniel and Solomon. In the end, Scott is also rightfully fired for not leading the team.

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