Saturday, 25 October 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 10 Recap

So last week we were left hanging as to whether Chantelle or Ben will come back and given the past weeks' photos, the person who comes back is... Chantelle! Deservedly! :) They will be going to Seoul, Korea, but only 7 of them will be going.. (well not really, cos all of them get flown there for the photos pfft)

In the first challenge, the contestants are sent through a horror maze with a photographer at the end, who will be shooting to see who can keep their composure. Despite being freaked out, Chantelle does a good job. Raelia freaks out and has her back to the camera for 90% of the time. Keith does well as does Will, who has no fear of the 'monsters'. Lenox struggles. Here are some of the shots:

The winner of the challenge is... Chantelle, which will no doubt fuel the resentment from the other competitors. Raelia breaks down over her challenge score of a 6. She's going home... The editing backs it up :)

Will's special treat is a visit from his parents.

For the photo shoot this week, the contestants will be posing in high fashion couture gloves... like wings. 

During the photo shoot, Lenox shows some surprising hate for Chantelle! But both seem to do well. Shei does well. Mirjana struggles. Adam gives a lot of energy and kills the shoot.

At panel...

Chantelle 9,9,8
Strong shot, but she's got some attitude.

Mirjana 6,7,7
Not a great shot. The single shot was better imo, but the composition is terrible.

Lenox 8,8,9
This is way better than Chantelle's imo, but yet she gets a lower score... hmm... so obvious they're going to give Chantelle the FCO URGH.

Adam 8,7,9
Strong picture, composition slightly awkward, but good. 

Keith 8,7,7
Not bad shot... ok...

Will 7,7,8
Not a good photo this week. 

Shei 6,8,10
Strong solo picture, not loving the composition.

Raelia 7,8, 7
Kelly loves her, how she can give her an 8 is a travesty.

In the end, first call out goes to...

Chantelle (predictably) followed by Shei and Lenox. In the bottom two are Raelia and Mirjana. OMG Raelia stays AGAIN? She needs to go homeeeeee ahhhhh!!! :( :( :( 

Top Three.
1. Will
2. Lenox
3. Mirjana

Eliminated contestants' photos:

Ivy and Matthew did well this week!

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