Saturday, 11 October 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 8 Recap

So Lenox gets best photo again last week and hopefully she will again this week. Mirjana and Denzel's relationship heat up and to be honest, they both need to go home! 

The contestants are taken to Siren studios for their photo challenge, in which they are put into teams (have they HAD an individual challenge?) of three to create fashion images as a test for Nylon, also for Kelly Cutrone's brand 'Electric Love Army' (what?? S:) 

Mirjana-Denzel-Lenox: Electric
They struggle to get the electric vibe going and Denzel agonises Kelly by putting oil on himself and thus not able to wear a shirt. Kelly thought they were the worst group and I don't disagree.

Matthew-Will-Raelia: Love
Matthew's insistence on Raelia being topless and telling her to be a 'high school slut' does not sound like its going to work. They do have one photo that Kelly liked, though Matthew's hand covering the T-shirt is not helping sell the top.

Adam-Keith-Shei: Army
Topless Adam and Keith were told to put shirts on- Shei looked amazing in military styling. The Nylon guy liked Shei from the beginning and their photos were good, so naturally they won!

Challenge Scores:

Back at home, Mirjana finally realises that her focus has been on Denzel and not the competition. Denzel tells everyone that he doesn't want a relationship and what he has with Mirjana is purely physical. Lenox is bothered by it and tells Mirjana who then confronts Denzel and breaks it off with him. She also (redeemingly) calls her boyfriend to tell him the truth and ends up all smiles. So, hopefully with this Denzel thing out the way, Mirjana can finally fulfil her potential in this competition!

At the photo shoot, the contestants are given their DNA results and genetic heritage, which leads into their creative: posing with C20 Cory as an androgenous robot and styled with their own genetic heritage.

So Adam looks good, Shei looked good, Lenox looked amazing, but Denzel struggles, Matthew looked really good but seemed to struggle, and Raelia, well she's just Raelia.

Oh wait... Mirjana and Denzel get back together. Ugh...

At panel...

Mirjana 7,8,9
Nice face (we know that already) but body is awkward and the backdrop definitely helped!

Raelia 6,8,8
Nice body, but bad face... she just can't seem to work the two can she?

Adam 7,7,9
I like this shot, though he is a bit square on and short. Good face.

Matthew 7,7,7
Pose is a bit caricature, but good face. He needs a killer photo soon.

Keith 7,7,9
Not loving this photo, needs more intensity.

Lenox 10,10,10
Perfect scores from the judges and probably makes her FCO again despite her low challenge score. Woop woop, well deserved, beautiful face AND body.

Will 8,9,10
An artistic shot more than a model shot, but looks good :/ 2nd call out.

Shei 8,7,8
Ok shot, again. Just average, but she does look great at panel.

Denzel 8,8,9
Umm... definitely not an 8,8,9 which probably bumps Matthew out the comp ;___; 

So who stays and who goes? First call out goes to...

Lenox followed by Will and Shei (improving slowly!). The bottom two are Mirjana and Matthew (oooohh) this is tough. I like Matthew but Mirjana is just so much more interesting to watch >< eeeeek... why can't Raelia go!! :( In the end, Matthew goes!

Top Three:
1. Will
2. Lenox
3. Mirjana (she has a strong face, ok?)

Eliminated contestants' shots:

Ben looks kinda good in this, and so does Chantelle, though do not know what her story is and why she is falling down the stairs. Kari's look good too. 

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