Wednesday, 29 October 2014

'The Maze Runner' Film Review

'The Maze Runner' is a film adaptation of the popular book series by James Dashner.

Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) wakes up to find himself in a moving cell and lands in the centre of a maze, surrounded by other boys called the Gladers. A group of them, called Runners, explore the maze every day to try and find a way out. 

Trapped and with no memories, Thomas lives amongst the other boys in relative peace, but start raising questions, and when terrible things begin to happen, he is desperate to leave, even if it means going into the maze himself...

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 4 Recap

Ella Jade and Solomon are made project managers for this weeks' task which is revolved around creating an online video channel. The team with the most views will win the task.

Fat Daddy's Fitness Hell vs Dare to Dine

Solomon's food focused channel sees James ditch his suit for a naked chef look and being super silly around the kitchen opposite Roisin, whilst Ella Jade's fitness channel has Katie training Felipe who is the 'fat daddy' trying to lose weight. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Taylor Swift '1989' Deluxe Edition Album Review

Following Taylor Swift's two year album release schedule, '1989' drops right on time and came with an announcement that this would be her first pop album in August's Yahoo World Stream and premiere of chart topping lead single 'Shake It Off'.

Whilst many have criticised Swift for 'selling out' and blending into mainstream pop, the album has received mainly positive reviews with regards to Swift's honest transformation and the record justifies it.

1. Welcome To New York 4/5
A keyboard heavy track that literally sounds like what Time Square would feel like- though I've never been, I can visualise the colours, sounds and atmosphere of this vibrant centre. The production is slightly heavy and feels overdone for a T Swift tune, but kind of works for this track. 

2. Blank Space 5/5
The second track on '1989' carries a air of Swift's past songwriting and early era country sounds in a modern pop way. Lyrically brilliant is "I've got a blank space baby *click* and I'll write your name", reminiscent of demo 'Permanent Marker'.


3. Style 4/5
The late 80s early 90s intro and verse blends into a contemporary pop chorus that is viciously catchy if slightly disjointed. Nonetheless, the track about her relationship with Harry Styles (one of the most talked about and anticipated tracks) makes a strong impact on the record.


4. Out of the Woods 5/5
Promo song 'Out of the Woods' however, is the anthemic answer to 'Shake it Off's all too radio friendly pop sound. Though the catchiness persists, the personal Swiftopian lyrics put a familiar stamp on the track.

It's not the first time Swift has done pop. Time and time again her so called 'country' albums are infested with catchy pop tracks. More than likely her country roots will permeate in some way in this album. What I've learnt through the years is that what makes Taylor Swift so lovable is not which genre or sound she claims to be but the lyrics within each track and so ultimately, whatever she dabbles in, is Swift.


5. All You Had to do was Stay 4.5/5
The catchiness does not end with track 5's 'All You Had to do was Stay', that launches straight into an explosive and beaty chorus.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 10 Recap

So last week we were left hanging as to whether Chantelle or Ben will come back and given the past weeks' photos, the person who comes back is... Chantelle! Deservedly! :) They will be going to Seoul, Korea, but only 7 of them will be going.. (well not really, cos all of them get flown there for the photos pfft)

In the first challenge, the contestants are sent through a horror maze with a photographer at the end, who will be shooting to see who can keep their composure. Despite being freaked out, Chantelle does a good job. Raelia freaks out and has her back to the camera for 90% of the time. Keith does well as does Will, who has no fear of the 'monsters'. Lenox struggles. Here are some of the shots:

The winner of the challenge is... Chantelle, which will no doubt fuel the resentment from the other competitors. Raelia breaks down over her challenge score of a 6. She's going home... The editing backs it up :)

Will's special treat is a visit from his parents.

For the photo shoot this week, the contestants will be posing in high fashion couture gloves... like wings. 

During the photo shoot, Lenox shows some surprising hate for Chantelle! But both seem to do well. Shei does well. Mirjana struggles. Adam gives a lot of energy and kills the shoot.

At panel...

Chantelle 9,9,8
Strong shot, but she's got some attitude.

Mirjana 6,7,7
Not a great shot. The single shot was better imo, but the composition is terrible.

Lenox 8,8,9
This is way better than Chantelle's imo, but yet she gets a lower score... hmm... so obvious they're going to give Chantelle the FCO URGH.

Adam 8,7,9
Strong picture, composition slightly awkward, but good. 

Keith 8,7,7
Not bad shot... ok...

Will 7,7,8
Not a good photo this week. 

Shei 6,8,10
Strong solo picture, not loving the composition.

Raelia 7,8, 7
Kelly loves her, how she can give her an 8 is a travesty.

In the end, first call out goes to...

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Apprentice Season 10 Episode 3 Recap

This is going to be a quick one- since it was my birthday yesterday and I'm super tired from work! This week the candidates are creating home scented goods that can maximise on margins. The teams get mixed up with Roisin leading team Summit and Katie leading team Tenacity.

Roisin's high end product comes with the smell of a sea breeze, called 'Beach Dreams', whilst Katie's Team has a mix of Aloe Vera, Lemon Grass and Green Tea, calling it 'British Breeze'. Roisin's high end product is being sold at a low end price of £15 whilst Katie's is being sold for £20 MINIMUM. 

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Film Trailer Preview

The long awaited trailer for the sequel to 2012's smash hit 'The Avengers' has surfaced online. 

Though details of the film are still mostly under wraps, the two minute trailer gave us glimpses of yet another action packed yet deeply interlocking story of our Avengers Team, especially after another Iron Man, Captain America and Thor film, which expanded the storylines. 

Glimpses of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch and Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver can also be seen, yet it remains to be revealed how big of an impact they will be on the movie.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released next May. Check out the trailer below:


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Will Jardell by Zach Schwermer


Zach Schwermer is definitely getting around, shooting many of this cycle of ANTM's contestants, including Matthew Smith and Ben Schreen, but the best shoot so far has to be Will's. 

The artistic yet stylish shoot is quite editorial with a beautiful colour palette. Will managed to reclaim the top spot after three weeks domination by Lenox in this week's episode.

Check out more images below:

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 9 Recap

Lenox gets best photo three times in a row and wins a private runway teach with Ms Jay in which she is coerced into trying to twerk. 

Their first challenge is to book shows at Style Fashion Week, the first of which being Betsey Johnson's show, where there are spots for girls, but only one for the boys. Mirjana's walk was awful- it was like she was walking down the high street and Lenox surprisingly looked really confident! In the end, Raelia, Shei and Keith.

The second casting is with Control Sector, a menswear brand, who will also cast a woman to walk in the mens clothes. They thought Denzel was too muscular. Will was weak imo, but they liked him clearly cos he got a spot! Lenox stumbled :( In the end, they picked Shei, probably because her hair was in fitting with their brand of dark clothes.

The final casting is with Altaf Maaneshia for the girls and Civil Society for the boys. All the girls got cast despite only having an initial two spots, whilst all the boys got cast too apart from Denzel.

Shei 3
Raelia 2
Keith 2
Will 2
Mirjana 1
Lenox 1
Adam 1
Denzel 0

Bye bye Denzel!

Shei definitely stood out in the runway- definitely had presence. Raelia did well in the Betsey Johnson show, but only made it halfway down the runway for another. Lenox looked great but needed more strength. Will did well. 

Challenge Scores:

I'm surprised Denzel got any points at all for not booking any shows!

via Supmod of RTVgames
Quote of the episode- Will (at Denzel and Lenox's low scores): 'So Sad... but not really!'.

For the photo shoot the contestants will be paired and shoot an ad for hair styling products.

Shei looked phenomenal in the shoot, every shot she looked so good, Denzel did not give much, but at least he held Shei up long enough so she could get a good shot. Seriously, Shei is finally coming into the competition and actually making herself noticed after all these weeks of just hiding away.

Mirjana looks soo stunning and this is in my opinion her best shoot to date. Even though there was a bit of a scuffle on set, she can sell make up, she can sell hair, any facial product- she can sell! Keith, bleh,

Raelia- Will
Thought Will might struggle with the lifting but he looked great in his shots- great face and hair- Raelia did not help the lifting... so they just kind of balanced off each other in a dance-esque pose.

They struggled a lot with the posing as Lenox had so much hair they needed to sculpt it in place, but I'm sure she got a good shot- it's predictable editing.

At panel...

Mirjana 7,8,9
She's just stunning this week. Despite all the drama, she has what it takes! Her individual photo is flawless and is actually her best photo ever.

Keith 8,9,9
Tyra just loves him doesn't she! He does look good in this shot, though the stance a little bit awkward. but face is good.

Denzel 8,8,7
Looks relaxed, but slightly blank, though still an ok score.

Shei 8,8,7
oooh, same score as Denzel... thought she did much better tbh... but yeah, there are just a few things here and there that could be better, but she's slowly improving! :p

Will 10,10,8
Finally a long awaited FCO for Will! :D Perfect hair, perfect Face. Raelia ruins the shot, but oh well.

Raelia 8,9,10
Kelly loves her again, its not her best, her face is kind of dead. Her bum is a bit too far out. urgh- overrated. AGAIN.

Adam 8,6,9
Nice face, I like this photo actually. Wasn't as bad as they made it out to be. Tyra's hesitance at giving her score I feel almost like she changed it instantly from a lower score to keep him in.. :S 

Lenox 7,8,7
D: she has the lowest judges score? S: given her challenge score, she's on par with denzel... uh oh from the top to the bottom, but i'm sure her social media will be higher than Denzel, so she should outstay him.

In the end, first call out goes to...


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