Monday, 22 September 2014

The Script 'No Sound Without Silence' Album Review

The Script's fourth album 'No Sound Without Silence' follows '#3', released two years ago, which spawned chart topping hit 'Hall of Fame'. 

Lead single 'Superheroes' is an upbeat and catchy track that offers a positive message, and gives a snap shot of the album's message of voicing out with thought, emphasising the importance of silence, for without it, what is sound?

The album's opening track 'No Good in Goodbye' is slightly overlong and follows a typical formula. It's too safe and doesn't do enough to grab the listener. Whilst 'Superheroes' and 'Man on Wire' is slightly sharper and beaty, it's only when we reach track 5 that the album begins to truly hit the spot.

Hit maker 'The Energy Never Dies' offers the track that gets stuck in your head, that you sing along to every time you hear it and want to blast out as loud as you can from your car.

Softer track 'Flares' follows perfectly, though overproduced. It would make a fantastic acoustic track imo. The power amps up with 'Army of Angels', with a strong anthemic beat and drums.

As track lengths get shorter, 'Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You"' is a nice change of sound, the folksy dreamy sound is a strange, but welcome addition to the album. 'Paint the Town Green' opens with a similar sound, but is less effective, with the war chants in the chorus rather distracting.

Thankfully, the album closes with 'Without Those Songs' and 'Hail Rain or Sunshine'


1. No Good In Goodbye 4/5
2. Superheroes 4.5/5
3. Man on a Wire 4/5
4. It's Not Right For You 3.5/5
5. The Energy Never Dies 5/5
6. Flares 5/5
7. Army of Angels 4/5
8. Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You" 3.5/5
9. Paint the Town Green 3.5/5
10. Without Those Songs 4/5
11. Hail Rain or Sunshine 3.5/5

TRACKS TO LOVE:Superheroes, The Energy Never Dies, Flares

TRACKS TO SKIP: Paint the Town Green

~~~OVERALL 4/5~~~
The Script's fourth album offers the consistent sound that fans have loved, churning out another 11 catchy tracks, whilst experimenting with a new sound, though feels slightly truncated with all the pop rock chart stuff at the beginning and all the folksy anthemic tracks towards the end. 

Nonetheless, the album features powerfully addictive tracks such as 'The Energy Never Dies', 'Superheroes' and 'Flares', the only critique of which is the over production of the tracks.

'No Sound Without Silence' is a strong follow up to #3 and I'll surely be blasting this for the next month or so... before the release of Taylor Swift's '1989' :P

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