Friday, 12 September 2014

'Legend' Trilogy by Marie Lu Book Review

Haven't done a book review in a while, but managed to read the 'Legend' trilogy in my holidays.

Captured in two narratives, one of Day, a boy from a poor sector who is the nation's most wanted criminal and the other of June, the nation's prodigy, on the hunt for Day, the assumed killer of her brother. Themes of suppression, minority and divided societies that dominate the dystopian teen genre permeate in the trilogy.

The tightly written plot of 'Legend' meanders as we reach the conclusion of 'Champion' with the tense relationship between the two opposite characters providing the backbone to the trilogy, the plot becoming subsidiary. Whilst this grips the reader, the serious and important themes are somewhat 'thrown away' with the novels' shifted focus. 

'Legend' is gripping and its strength lies in its diverse roster of interesting and distinct characters as seen through the eyes of Day and June, the most intriguing of which is how they view each other, their misunderstandings, intentions and feelings.

Overall, the trilogy is interesting and has strong themes but definitely does not 'blow the socks off Hunger Games' as the quote on the book suggests. 

A movie adaptation is to follow, most likely after 'The Hunger Games' franchise ends it's run in late 2015 to avoid competition and direct comparison. 

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