Tuesday, 16 September 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 5 Recap

So the contestants are getting along with a more than 'friendly' game of truth and dare which results in Kari and Mirjana making out. Romeo is less than impressed with the silliness. 

Their first challenge is a Tyra-teach on connecting with the camera without being sleazy, which will surely result in a sexy challenge/photo shoot. In just three 'easy' steps: the smirk, the head roll and the peeping booch/tooch, the models go away to practice before being tested on. Poor Lenox, who is just so adorable being innocent has no idea how to be sexy... awww

For the contestant's photo shoot, it will be for a fake fragrance called 'Spyder Bite' where they will be paired up for a sexy ad, with the pairs as follows:

Romeo-Lenox (lol-sabotage?)
Matt-Will (clearly the producers pushed for this for drama) 

More Line App endorsement.

Matt/Will, Keith/Mirjana, Ben/Raelia get good feedback.

Denzel/Kari, Adam/Shei struggled. Lenox and Romeo looked like a hot mess to begin with but seemed to have pulled some good shots at the end.

So it's Romeo's birthday and they're all having a good time, bar Lenox who went to bed. Romeo gets a bit drunk and starts yelling at Adam and headbutts him a couple of times- crazy. 

They arrive at their runway show- to the announcement that Romeo has been eliminated for physical violence. Bye bye! For their runway, they'll be walking in stilts like in the Cycle 17 All Stars shoot. 

Mirjana, though she was terrified at first, wowed the judges, whilst Adam and Raelia did not impress. In the end, Ben somehow won the challenge. Prize is...??

Challenge scores:

At panel...

Keith 8,8,9/Mirjana 8,8,9
Mirjana did well, Keith didn't really do anything.

Adam6,7,8 /Shei 7, underserved 10, 6
Average commercial. Shei could've done a lot better. Adam wasn't too bad.

Denzel 7,8,8/Kari 7,7,8
I thought Kari did great in the commercial, Denzel not so much. Kinda forced and creepy.

Ben 7,5,8/Raelia 10,10,7
OK. Kelly loves her for some reason. It was good but not THAT good... 

Matthew 9,6,9/Will 8,9,9
So they looked good together, but something was still a bit awkward about it... 

Lenox 7,7,1
Tyra gave her a 1 for not trying. It was super awkward and the worst commercial but I don't think it was because she didn't try. She just doesn't know what to do to be sexy. Probs going home for this... 

Hate that Tyra only gave her a 1 to teach her a lesson and show her who's boss, that ultimately, if you don't listen to Tyra and do exactly as she says, she'll send you home. 

In the end, the first call out goes to...

Will (who will prob pick Matthew for the Tyra Suite), followed by Raelia and Keith. In the bottom two are Adam and Lenox, with Lenox getting the lowest score, but since Romeo left the competition, Tyra gives Lenox a second chance, on the condition that she delivers with just 5 frames in the next shoot! It being the stupid hair one... ugh not looking forward to that, but for Nina fans, she'll be back for whatever reason with Nick Cannon.

My top 3:

1. Will
2. Matthew
3. Lenox

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