Tuesday, 2 September 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 3 Recap

So... episode 3 launches the contestants straight into their first challenge: a living art fashion show wearing only party string. It was an interesting challenge and clearly one for getting temperatures rising between the contestants and an excuse to show more flesh.

Adam was a pain and his whole walk was a joke. No real other memorable walks.

In the end, the winner was Keith, who gets the key to the Tyra Suite. He picks Kari to share it with him and they cuddle in bed. Matthew and Mirjana also cuddle in bed, before he finds out she has a boyfriend the day after. OUCH.

Here are the challenge scores:

For their photo shoot they will be drenched in water in black and white photography, and also film the opening credits. Tyra makes up for Top Model terms such as 'Boom boom booms and the boom boom wows'... pfft.

Raelia really struggles, but she did nearly drown when she was younger, Will also struggles given his lack of confidence. Ivy also struggles, with Yu Tsai describing her shoot as like she was showering.

Lenox does well with a cool hair flip and Matthew looked good too, despite being distracted.

At panel, Tyra reveals the prizes which is the same as the last: a Nylon spread, Next Model Management and $100,000 prize from GUESS.

Adam 6,7,9
Not a bad photo actually, looks like he's thinking naughty thoughts, but otherwise, not bad.

Denzel 7,8,8
It's a good photo, but the water doesn't give it much drama. More like splashes than drenched.

Raelia 7,6,7
She looked really scared and it showed in her face.

Ben 7,8,7
Lost all his boom boom boom :( but his face is ok.

Mirjana 7,7,9
Body is good, face is a bit off- but she looks like Angelia Jolie haha.

Matthew 8,8,8
Great photo, face slightly too forward, but there is a movement in the shot :)

Shei 8,7,6
There is something quite ritualistic about the pose, but doesn't do it for me.

Romeo 8,9,7
A good shot, his face looks strong despite the water and its a cool pose.

Ivy 7,7,7
Feel like she's going home given the editing so far, but ok scores. Not a bad photo, if only she looked into the camera!

Shantelle 8,8,6
This would have been an amazing shot had she opened her eyes just a bit more. Atm it looks a bit like she's screaming for help.

Kari 8,8,6
An ok shot. Given the interesting-ness of her face it looks kind of off, I would like to have seen her eyes too.

Lenox 8,8,9
A powerful shot- could be first call out!

Keith 7,9,10
Kind of a smize happening there. Not fond of the pants down. OK well he steals first call out from Lenox given those scores...

Finally, Will 7,9,5
Judges are divided, it's definitely an interesting shot, but not the strongest. 

So, after the scores are added, who gets first call out? It is...

Keith followed by Lenox and Mirjana. In the bottom are Ivy and Will... so probably Ivy going home, and she does! which means also that Romeo's got it right again (in terms of who he wants gone...) eeek!

Final scores:

My top 3 pick:
1. Matthew
2. Lenox
3. Will

Next week's photoshoot is pretty interesting... :)

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