Monday, 18 August 2014

Taylor Swift '1989' Album Preview

Two years ago, Taylor Swift released record breaking new album 'Red' on my Birthday, and given her two year an album time scale, surely tonight's Yahoo announcement will be about the new project, and a new single debut no less! 

Taylor Swift's LIVE STREAM will begin in less than 1 hour!

So Taylor Swift looks gorgeous on top of the Empire State Building :)

SECRET #1: Shake It Off? About reactions to rumours and what other people say...

SECRET #2: NEW ALBUM called '1989' out OCTOBER 27th! WOOP

SECRET #3: Taylor Swift debuts the 'Shake It Off' Music Video! 

Confirmed tracks:
-Out of the Woods
-I Know Places
-You Are Love
-I Wish You Would
-Bad Blood 
-All You Had to do was Stay
-Wildest Dreams

UPDATE: Out of the Woods is... amazing... it's the perfect promo song for the album... 

Official Tracklist

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