Friday, 11 July 2014

Year 3 Project 3: Plastic Design Guild

Site: Skegness

Increasing beach litter is threatening the health and safety of beaches for humans and wildlife. The greatest amount of rubbish found are plastics, almost all of which are recyclable, but only 24% are currently being recycled.

With advancing technologies, waste materials such as plastic bottles, discarded fishing nets and plastic particles can be transformed back into useful materials such as polyester and nylon to be used in the fashion, textiles and manufacturing industry.

The programme features a regeneration process that will see the cycle of plastic bottles being transformed into a garment through the depolymerisation and repolymerisation process into useful threads subsequently used within the design studios.

The scheme aims to tackle the huge issue of coastal waste whilst injecting inspiration and culture to the area through fashion shows and exhibitions. The economic benefits from the programme will also reinforce aspiration by providing skilled to semi-skilled employment throughout the year.

Products that are worn out or broken can be returned to be recycled and re-enters the production process to form new products.

The architecture will be inspired structurally by tensile systems and fabric architecture, expressed through a dynamic roof design that interweaves public and private space.

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