Friday, 11 July 2014

Year 3 Project 2: Seafront Recycling Hub

Site: Skegness

My intervention is a direct response to the observed litter problem in Skegness, which features Blue Flag Award winning beaches for cleanliness.

The Seafront Recycling Hub aims to provide a centre for beach cleaning activities to be organised and executed, as well as an inviting and functional place for volunteers. The storage of recyclable goods will be the focus of the design, in creating an element of display that will raise awareness.

The project takes a materials based approach to design. From the initial developmental models, the use of concrete to house the rubbish was desirable due to its structural strength and sculptural quality.

Exploration into concrete surface textures and how rubbish might be incorporated into its designed use was carried out, with a particular interest in translucent concrete. Using this material allows the contents of the vessels to be revealed as it fills up.

The functional zone of the building takes the form of an alternate volume, comprising of a different materiality- steel frame and poly-carbonate panels. The lightness and translucency of the structure creates the feeling of it being embedded within the concrete vessels. 

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