Friday, 11 July 2014

Year 3 Project 1: Multiview

Site: Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Coastal erosion, climate change and long shore drift exacerbate the conditions and increase flood risk. The human response to introduce flood defences all along the coast line are necessary  in order to protect the 75,000 properties at risk.

Unfortunately, the hard engineering and raised structures form a visual and physical barrier between the coastal towns and the seashore. The picturesque seascape is hidden and inaccessible.

My response to the site conditions is an exploration of the permeability of the sea wall, making improvements to the visual and physical access to the sea. As the only walking route in Lincolnshire is 'The Viking Way', my intervention manifests itself as a new walking route called 'The Great Lincolnshire Expedition', which seeks to create an experience for tourists and locals like throughout the year.

A prototype of a structure to be placed at Cleethorpes acts as a renewal of the promenade, providing gentle access across the sea wall. Influenced by groynes which run perpendicular to the sea wall, the structures will be made of timber. 

A development of this prototype will explore responsive systems and reactive technologies in order for the structure to adapt to climatic conditions such as tide levels, wind direction and solar power. 

Overall, the defined route is not prescriptive and gives users the opportunity to create their own routes from personal experience and preference.

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