Thursday, 31 July 2014

'Begin Again' Film Review

Struggling music executive Dan (Mark Ruffalo) discovers young musician Gretta (Keira Knightley) at a bar on a drinking binge and is determined to sign her, despite her objections to compromising her artistry for fame and fortune.

When the two open up about themselves to each other, they decide to collaborate on a special album, an ode to New York and creates something truly special, even life changing.

The first thing to notice about the movie is the focus on the music. From the opening sequence we see Gretta performing at a bar with friend Steve (James Corden). The obvious studio production of the music is slightly off putting given the raw nature that it is otherwise trying to achieve, but is only small. 

The only other gripe I have is the slight jarring repetitiveness of the beginning that loops from Gretta, Dan and Steve's POVs, which if edited in a different way, could have saved on screen time and given it a somewhat snappier feeling.

Once the two decide to make their special album, the film becomes instantly more fun, upbeat and hit the sweet spot. The interactions between Gretta, Dan and his daughter are particularly humorous, as is the playful change of scenes that make you want to visit New York!

The relational themes within the movie focus on love and friendship and are handled appropriately. There is tension, bitterness, anger thrown into the mix to make both leads complex individuals that are drawn together at a lonely point in their life, only to rediscover themselves and understand those around them.

'Begin Again' climaxes as the music reaches its peak and the strongest song on the soundtrack 'Lost stars' also blazes in the final sequence, which is bittersweet and sharp, though leaves you wanting more, but ultimately conclusive.

Keira Knightley- Gretta
Mark Ruffalo- Dan
Adam Levine- Dave
James Corden- Steve

Also stars Hailee Steinfeld, Ceelo Green and Catherine Keener.

Keira Knightley is sweet and likeable as Gretta and has a good enough voice to play the part of a new singer/songwriter, whilst Mark Ruffalo brings in some of his Hulk anger in the early scenes. Strong supporting cast with Adam Levine, the funny James Corden and Hailee Steinfeld.

~~~OVERALL 7/10~~~
'Begin Again' is a sweet Summer flick with great music, strong themes and lots of lighthearted fun. With a great cast and lots of emotion, this is one to watch on Date Night this Summer :)

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