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Eurovision 2014 Final

First off, apologies for not recapping the semi finals this year. It's my final year at university and it is that crazy time of year of rushing deadlines etc. I did watch them but just didn't get to blog. I managed to predict 8/10 for both semi's so pretty happy as most of my favs are through. I'm going to be blogging about my thoughts of all the acts during the final show. 

What's more, it's probably the first year where I haven't gone and looked up the acts before the show, so it'll all be new and surprising to me (no bias)!

I just have to say that this year's post cards are really creative. Asking the artists to create their national flag from something that inspires them is really interesting and we have seen a diverse results: using Rubiks Cubes, body paint, tulips, post its, London buses, tattoo and many more!

So here is the running order for the final for tonight's show:

A man running in a hamster wheel is rather gimmicky, but it actually rather adds to the whole graphics of the song titled 'Tick Tock'. There is definitely a sense of urgency about it. Plus, we have a beautiful girl in a flowing gown singing a catchy song. What more do you want from Eurovision?

Right... a song called 'cheesecake'... was kind of turned off to begin with but this is surprisingly catchy... 

Strong song, nice dress, nice woman. I think the acrobat woman is kind of gimmicky and distracting. I mean, she is too similar to the singer so really, the singer should be the one on the wire, otherwise make the acrobat a man and create some dynamic romance in there. 

The funky multicoloured suits and the graphics make this whole performance seem like a blast from the past. That said, they surprisingly made it to the final, so who knows, might be a dark horse. But wow... 

A simple and serene performance from Norway. Oh wait, it just got powerful. Apart from the somewhat distracting mole on his forehead, this was a great performance.

Quite a cool post card using fireworks and water reflection. I liked them when they participated last time, so looking forward to this. I remember their glass piano last time and this time they have a circular piano- pretty cool!

Rather quiet and simple to begin with, it definitely gained the power it needed at the end. Strong performance overall.

He looks like a sweet man, just look at that post card of him building puzzle with his two sons. awww... but pretty boring performance. :/

I like the native feel of the performance, but it just doesn't sound good, which is sort of a prerequisite for any musical act. >< eeek .

NEXT. enough said. Though I could do with a bit of trampoline fun right now.

Well, this is probably the most publicised at this year's Eurovision: drag queen Conchita Wurst. Well, this was actually not so gimmicky as I thought... They visually tried, but really they needed this to be a Katniss 'girl on fire' moment... and it just missed that powerful visual... more from her dress needed! 

12. Germany
P!nk wannabe lool. But quite catchy...

A strong power ballad. Standard.

14. France
Quite a cool postcard but kind of annoying song... and too fixated on that guys hair lol

Twins on see-saw, with hair tied to each other. This is Russia's entry to the Eurovision this year. I actually quite like this performance, minus the fact that they look like they are wearing dressing gowns and their boobs might pop out at any time. Though there could be something more dramatic with the moving see-saw. 

16. Italy
I was so disappointed she didn't make a pizza for her postcard :( but she was really pretty hehe... loved the outfit :P

Didn't expect to like this but giving off some nice vibes... the visuals definitely help... catchy chorus :P

This is such a cool postcard, using ice blocks. Quite like this performance. But since when did Chord Overstreet turn Finnish and take part in Eurovision? So much strobe lighting my eyes are going crazy.

19. Spain*
Loved the staging and lighting for this. Was desperate for a waterfall of some sort though for the climax. Nonetheless, pretty strong performance.

OK domino post card. VERY COOL. I want this to go through just so i could see that domino thing again... An average song... but he does use raining sparks... and this violin interval is giving me Alexander Rybak vibes.... 

Thought this was a rather boring and substandard performance. Nothing really stood out to me. Why this is a fav is beyond me. :/

Pretty cool post card using fireworks given they're called Firelight. Quite a nice song and simple performance, but could be more exciting visually.

23. Denmark*
This is surprisingly catchy though Bruno Mars much?? EEkk

24. The Netherlands *
I definitely did not expect to see this here. The simple and beautifully sung country song is definitely growing on me. Is it typical Eurovision? Not quite! However, the simplicity of the performance and the growing revival of country music might just give this a boost to the top! 

25.San Marino
Initially thought that the wavy thing was her dress (which it really should be) but its not. The most exciting thing that happens is that it changes colour. The song is a deja vu to every Eurovision Song Contest. Feel like I've heard this type of song a million times :/

26. The United Kingdom
Started off soft but gained power and kind of like it hehehe... the staging was great and the lanterns towards the end definitely made it better. OOOhhh sparks hehehehe.... good luck Molly!

*indicates faves

My Top 10 Prediction of the Night
1. Ukraine
2. Romania
3. Netherlands
4. Sweden
5. Denmark
6. Norway
7. UK
8. Spain
9. Russia
10. Finland

OK cut too the chase. Austria wins... Netherlands 2nd, Sweden 3rd... really wanted Netherlands to win over Austria.. :/ Molly deserved more for UK- was one of the favs?? :(


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  1. I wanted Molly to get more, would have liked to have seen her in the other column. We all knew that Conchita would have wiped the floor with everyone with the amount of hype she got anyway. I kept up commentary with everyone else on Twitter, so much fun


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