Friday, 21 February 2014

Copenhagen Trip 2014

So I just got back from my unit trip to Copenhagen and wow it was a good trip! It was mostly pretty chilled, checked out architecture stuff in the day and generally relaxed at night~ took a dodgy walk through Christiana with the unit on night 1- what a surreal place! 

Day 2 saw us cycling around Copenhagen which was an amazing experience! You get to see the city and experience it in a completely different way. Dinner at Madklubben, Jazz at the Montmartre and drinks at 1105 finished the night.

We went to the Louisiana Museum of Art and the Naval Museum area to the North before returning in the mid afternoon for some tourist things~ boating to the Mermaid statue and then returning to Torvehallerne, but a bit late- only got to try some tapas bread things- which was nice :) Saw ballet at Kongelige Teater, the finale was amazing.

Final day walking around Kastrup, see the Aquarium and the Strandpark area, before looking at shops in Stroget and eating lots of pastries and seeing sunset at the Rundtarn.

Check out all my photos of Copenhagen HERE and a few personal snaps below:

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