Wednesday, 1 January 2014

'Unfinished Song' (Song For Marion) Film Review

After the death of his wife Marion (Vanessa Redgrave), a grumpy pensioner Arthur (Terence Stamp) decides to join the local choir that she was part of in order to fulfill her passion. With the help of choir leader Elizabeth (Gemma Arterton), Arthur attempts to make amends with his estranged son.

The plot is simple and straightforward, with a purity and ease that grabs you. Though a drama at heart, comedic moments are interspersed with the more dramatic and intense scenes which does lighten the mood. I found that the movie did take a while to build up but was worth the wait as the climax and the end is very emotional and well worth it.

Musically, the choir has a lot of fun with their songs such as 'Crazy', 'Let's Talk About Sex' and 'Ace of Spades' but a great performance of 'True Colours' by Redgrave and Stamp's solo 'Lullaby' was very emotional. 

The ending was rather predictable but nonetheless appropriately handled and rounded off.

Gemma Arterton- Elizabeth
Terence Stamp- Arthur
Vanessa Redgrave- Marion

The strong and genuine performances from Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave really draw the tension and emotional dynamics. The solo by Stamp at the end was a tearjerking moment and was definitely the highlight of the movie. Gemma Arterton is also likeable and down to earth in this niche role.

'Unfinished Song' is a simple but beautiful movie about relationships, family and cherising the ones you love. With strong performances and lighthearted comedic moments, the drama is enjoyable and emotional at the end. 

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