Friday, 3 January 2014

'Closed Circuit' Film Review

A man arrested for a terrorist attack in London sparks a high profile defense case. Martin Rose (Eric Bana) is brought to take over from the previous defense attorney after an alleged suicide, whilst Claudia Simmons Howe (Rebecca Hall) is the special advocate for the sensitive evidence that may threaten National Security and will represent the defendant in closed hearing.

Having breached regulations by previously having an affair, Rose and Howe tread carefully, but when they discover they are being watched, they suspect greater powers at play, with their lives at risk.

Set in beautiful London, they certainly made use of all available landmarks, from Wembley Stadium to Chinatown to Bankside to swifting shots of The Shard.

Whilst there is some stylish cinematography, most notably the opening sequence with the CCTV cameras, it never becomes more than just a few split screens and never truly aids the drama or tension, which in itself was lacking. Paranoia seeps in pretty quickly and we assume they are being watched but there is never any evidence for it. The closest we get to it is when Howe returns home to discover a book out of place on her shelf. Dying for her to discover a hidden camera, she simply just shifts the book back into place.

As the court date approaches, the movie does build up but in small increments and by this point, we have most of the puzzle already. The climax was relatively unexciting and predictable, though Howe's closed hearing cross examination was perhaps the most tense of the whole movie. 

Eric Bana- Martin Rose
Rebecca Hall- Claudia Simmons Howe
Julia Stiles- Joanna Reece
Jim Broadbent- Attorney General

Also stars Anne Marie Duff, Kenneth Cranham and Riz Ahmed.

A very strong cast is presented here, but it could have very well been any body. None of the cast members truly shine and feels like they've just been roped in for pulling power. It's nice to see Julia Stiles again :)

'Closed Circuit' has a promising story but lacked real action and thrill. If some of the oozing paranoia actually became some sort of threat, it would've elevated this beyond a slightly drab and grey film with a lot of talking, looking around and going from A to B. Nonetheless, it kept you interested throughout and has a strong cast, if only the ending wasn't so predictable.

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