Wednesday, 25 December 2013

'Oblivion' Film Review

Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), a veteran remaining on Earth whilst machines extract its resources after a apocalyptic war, soon discovers that all may not be as it seems when he rescues Julia (Olga Kurylenko), a woman who appeared in his recurring dreams. 

As he breaches boundaries and questions the mission he's been assigned to do, he unearths something about himself that will change his life.

The movie opens beautifully but the pace is rather slow. Despite the intrigue, the action doesn't come quite quickly enough and the audience is left wondering what will happen for too long. The explanation of what happened to Earth was quickly skipped over and factually questionable.

Whilst there are really interesting themes such as identity, subversion and dystopian futures, a lot of it is lost in a mediocre script and filler scenes that don't add much to the story. The scene near the end when Jack discovers the truth about himself was worth a lot more time- more like that similar scene in 'The Island' or 'Total Recall'.

As the movie climaxes, it becomes rather predictable bar one shocker and ends literally explosively, but thankfully well and satisfyingly.

Tom Cruise- Jack
Olga Kurylenko- Julia
Morgan Freeman- Beech

Tom Cruise overplays these type of roles and has seemed to lost his charm. It feels like it has been done before and he does himself no favours in this. Not the Minority Report or Vanilly Sky (or even Mission Impossible), his acting lacts umph physically and emotionally. 

'Oblivion' has a strong premise, but with a run time that is a tad overlong, poor script and a slow start, feels done before and lacks the power that it strives to achieve. That said, it boasts beautiful imagery and interesting themes of a dystopian future. 

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