Thursday, 19 December 2013

'Don Jon' Film Review

Joseph Gordon Levitt's director-writer-actor debut came as 'Don Jon, a movie about how sex and addition affect relationships.

'Jon' (Joseph Gordon Levitt) prefers porn to real sex. On his first encounter with Barbara (Scarlett Johansson), Jon sees her as his next conquest. When he finds out she's in it for the long haul and wants to meet his friends and family, he holds out and does what she wants, but satisfies himself with porn, even when they're together. What will happen when Barbara discovers his porn addiction?

Levitt's directorial debut sees him challenge a controversial but poignant topic of selfishness in relationships. These themes and his overarching message is somewhat lost amongst all the graphic imagery and hot bods flying across the screen, which will also put some people off seeing the movie all together.

There is some nice camera work that goes on throughout and aided by some slick editing, but what we find missing is in the script. The humour is there, but that's it.

Barbara: "Movies and porn are different, Jon. They give awards for movies."
Jon: "They give awards for porn too"

At under 90 minutes, the movie is an appropriate length, but the plot feels slightly stretched out given what it actually was. Nonetheless, I wouldn't say I got bored, but just rather wanted to know sooner what happens.

Joseph Gordon Levitt- Jon
Scarlett Johansson- Barbara

also stars Julianne Moore.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is a fine actor and is well supported by Scarlett Johansson who gets the opportunity to self-parody (when Jon goes through her FB profile) but offers not much else other than a beautiful body to look at. 

'Don Jon' is a strong debut from Joseph Gordon Levitt as director, writer and actor, who takes risks and manages to pull off a slick movie with a strong message (albeit lost in the visuals). With a good support cast and a pacy plot, with good humour, this is the beginning of something big for Levitt!

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