Saturday, 2 November 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 14 Recap

So it's the penultimate episode before next week's two hour finale, and tensions are high in the house after Nina and Jeremy's shock elimination over Chris. The house goes into crazy uproar but where is Marvin during this?? Chris unleashes his mouth to overdrive.

For this week's challenge, Cycle 19 winner Laura James comes back to lead the fitness task pitting the boys against each other and the girls against each other. After some jab jump drop thingees and some skipping, Renee wins both and then has to race up some stairs to get a medallion. Renee gets a headstart and wins, with Jourdan panting for breath and needing a medic.

Out of the guys, Marvin wins the jabjump and Cory wins the skipping... in the race Cory manages to catch up to Marvin but in the end, Marvin still wins... so Marvin and Renee wins the challenge and gets to star in a work out video with Laura and Rob Evans.

Here are the challenge scores:

Marvin 10
Renee 10
Cory 9
Jourdan 9
Chris 8

For the photo shoot this week, the contestants will be hanging upside down like bats in coloured drapes... 

Marvin does well on shoot as does Jourdan, and Renee looked really cool with her body contorted before she passed out. Chris struggles at first but seems to have pulled out a good shot. Cory is being told to be masculine but struggles with the feminine movement.

At panel, Tyra hints that two people will be going home.

Jourdan's photo is great apart from the weird hand. Rob abuses Cory again for his lack of masculinity (srsly?) - I bet he gives Marvin/Chris top scores... smh... but Tyra and Kelly stand up for him and gets good scores over all.

Renee's photo is not good... not as good as she looked on set... she could be going home! Chris' photo isn't as bad as the judges' thought, but not amazing either... and deffo going home.

Marvin gets good scores overall.

Judges' Scores:
Jourdan 9,9,10
Cory 8,10,6
Renee 7,7,7
Chris 7,8,8
Marvin 9,9,9

Chris and Renee are going home this week- the scores are so polarized its pretty easy to tell... Jourdan for first call out!

And the first person called is...

Jourdan followed by Marvin and Cory. But Renee actually had the lowest score.. Bye bye Renee and Chris!!

OMG THE FINALE RUNWAY WILL BE FOR TEX SAVERIO... OMG OMG OMG... LOVE HIS WORK. Definitely rooting for Jourdan she has done so well in the comp she deserves to win... but in the preview Tyra says she has an important announcement... will there be 2 winners?

The eliminated contestants did well this week!!

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