Saturday, 5 October 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 11 Recap

Last week was the recap episode so I didn't do a recap- plus there wasn't anything spectacular to recap anyway, so this week continues the suspense of who comes back. We found out already that Alexandra will be returning, but one guy will also come back... Will it be Phil, Jeremy or Mike?

... And in the end, Jeremy comes back (as predicted). Winning best photo last panel, Chris picks Alexandra to share the Tyra Suite over Nina-- what! 

For the challenge this week, the contestants will be in a commercial for Quaff water. Totally cheesy and really cringe- making the contestants run around a green screen with a camel head, unicorn mask, props and a sprinkler... so cheap, so unrealistic. In the end, Jourdan wins the challenge. Here are the challenge scores:

Jourdan 9
Alex 8
Don 8
Nina 8
Jeremy 7
Marvin 7
Renee 7
Chris 6
Cory 6

Chris leaves a note for Renee as she hasn't cleaned up her dishes which sets her off and leads to a massive fight between the guys and girls, with Jeremy VS Jourdan and Chris VS Renee... but was quickly resolved by Jourdan taking a mature step at apologising. 

The photo shoot this week is themed 'flawsome', where the contestants highlight their flaws to make it beautiful, with co-stars Shaun Ross and Zendaya. Chris, Alexandra, Jourdan and Jeremy struggled... Nina seemed to have done well...

Not loving this weeks photo creative... Jourdan looks good in her photo but judges think too posey. Marvin is just standing there, really isn't anything special.

Chris' shot still turned out ok, but do agree with the lack of shape and the weird mouth. Don's shot is one of the best, even with the flawsome chicken legs which is a flaw I share! Jeremy looks the same and very plastic... go home!

Nina kills it this week with a 9,9,10 -deffo best photo this week and she better get FCO!! Alexandra gets an average photo and gets 7,7,7- could be going home! 

Renee looks so much better with a 5 head and reminds me a bit of Keenyah of cycle 4- and her legs go on for miles in this shot. 

Here are the Panel scores....

Corey 7,8,10 (not worth a 10..)
Jourdan 7,8,7
Marvin 8,8,7
Chris 9,7,7
Don 7,9,10
Jeremy 8,6,9
Nina 9,9,10
Alexandra 7,7,7
Renee 10,9,9

So... looks like Alexandra or Chris might be going home... hmm... and Nina for FCO. Who WON'T be going to Bali?

The first call out goes to...

Nina, followed by Don and Renee. In the bottom two are Chris and Alexandra... but with Alexandra ill, she is unable to make panel... so who will have to tell her she goes home? OUCH! Ken Mok does it :P hehe 

Next week the contestants head to Bali where they will take part in an underwater runway show- COOL and the animal photoshoot- NOT SO COOL.

Top Three:
1. Nina
2. Chris
3. Jourdan

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