Saturday, 12 October 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 12 Recap

So the contestants are going to Bali!! Their first challenge is an underwater runway for Lacroix. They will be wearing bathing suits and walking underwater with a fish bowl turned upside down on their heads.

Jourdan and Renee do well, the guys do not. Nina has a lung problem and cannot do the challenge. Don has a panic attack and does not do the challenge, so for both of them, they do an alternate snorkling exercise. Nina looks beautiful in a variety of shapes but Don is stiff.

And in the end, the winner of the challenge is Renee. Here are the challenge scores:

For the photo shoot, the contestants will be posing with animals at the Bali Safari. 

Cory does well embodying the orangutan and mirroring the pose, Jourdan struggles and is just standing/sitting there. Nina looks phenomenal in every shot but people complaint he snake is out of frame... whatever you know she killed it.

Don has a similar problem but he doesn't look good at all with the snake. Renee freaks out over the leopard, but she has some amazing poses and some great shots. Jeremy looks great with the leopard. 

Chris is awkward in his shoot with the macaws, but so is Marvin- they're just awkward animals to be working with! 

The Tyra Mail suggests a double elimination.

At panel, Renee's photo turns out flat and wide and the judges did not love it. Cory is critiqued for looking too much like the orangutan and losing the fashion editorial aspect.

Don's photo is again wide and though he has the face, the body is lacking. Chris' photo is really bad this week, but Kelly just eats up everything he does and gives him a 9.

Rob just has it out for Nina and gives her a 6- her photo was flawless. Urgh... Jeremy has a good shot this week but is critiqued for being too feminine.

Jourdan is critiqued for looking aged and too catalogue. Marvin is working a bit harder than Chris but I don't like the picture... 

The judges' scores:

Renee 8,8,7
Cory 9,9,6
Don 7,6,9 
Chris 9,6,6
Nina 9,10,6
Jeremy 7,7,8
Jourdan 8,7,6
Marvin 6,7,8

So who will be eliminated? The first call out goes to...

NINA! OMG YES!! FOLLOWED by Renee and Jeremy. In the bottom two are Marvin and Don... I have a feeling they both go home?? Hmm... but Don goes home! 

The eliminated contestants did quite well this week esp. Kanani and Jiana!

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