Saturday, 19 October 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 13 Recap

So Tyra pays the models a visit and has a chat to them and people open up about things... esp. with Chris' reveal about how he feels about Nina, which makes her upset. 

The contestants go on set for their rice paddy photo shoot, which is actually one of the most high fashion concepts thus far, and the clothes look amazing. Chris' attitude is really poopy this episode but probably edited that way. 

Chris kind of struggles but definitely has some great shots- Jeremy looks awkward in the shoot. Nina looked amazing on set, as did Jourdan, but Renee seemed to miss that spark... 

There will be no challenge this week, so the contestants are taken to see a shaman and a monkey before staying a night at an elephant park. They fight over beds that night and the next day get to ride on elephants... this segment is basically a holiday segment for Bali (probably where some of the funding is coming from!)

Noone is safe at panel this week, so I think 2 will go!! It IS episode 13 already! And Tyra announces that there will be a double elimination!! 7-5!

Jourdan's picture this week is once again GORGEOUS and is probably her second best photo this competition- it could be in a HF magazine... just love it!

Marvin's photo is actually good for once- probably his best shot to date. Renee is gorgeous in her shot but her face is flat, there is missing a smize and a spark.

Cory's photo is also great- Rob's scoring is crazy... it's pretty funny its like a Tyra Kelly show VS Rob this week!! 

Nina's photo isn't the best but it's not bad- but agree that it's not as good as what she practised. She is deffos going home with that score :( cry cry... maybe she goes with Chris? Idk I really like Chris' shot this week but judges aren't raving about it. He's not safe! 

Jeremy's shot is not good, really boring and he could be going home!! 

Marvin 9,9,9 
Renee 7,7,10
Jourdan 9,7,10
Cory 9,9,6
Nina 6,6,8
Chris 7,8,8
Jeremy 7,7,7

Jeremy, Nina and Chris in the bottom. I think Nina is definitely going home NOOO!! And the first called is...

Jourdan! Followed by Marvin and Cory. In the bottom are Nina, Jeremy and Chris. In the end, Nina has the lowest score followed by Jeremy... UARGHHHAHFHASFAFHHH 

NEW Top Three:
1. Jourdan
2. Chris
3. Renee

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