Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chris Hernandez by Tony Veloz

Chris Hernandez, one of the hot favourites in Cycle 20 of ANTM despite his attitude, has been appearing in numerous shoots since the competition, my favourite of which are these images by Tony Veloz. Though clearly airbrushed to death, Chris is looking very high fashion and if he continues in this way, could be the start of a big career.

Check out more images below:

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Film Trailer Preview

The trailer to the highly anticipated new X-Men film 'Days of Future Past' has been released.

Wolverine is sent back in time to alter events that will impact the survival of their species, with the X-mens' younger selves fighting together across two time periods, with favourites such as Storm, Rogue and Mystique returning for this movie.

The film boasts an awesome cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, Ellen Page, Nicholas Hoult, James McAvoy, Anna Paquin, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' will be released in May 2014. Check out the trailer below:

Greenhouse Botanical Gardens by iDa

iDa architects designed this simple pavilion for the Greuiningen botanical gardens, the form of which comes from the natural environment, using computer simulation (Voronoi tesselation) to derive a form from natural neighbour-ing behaviours.

The materiality of glass and mist gives it a poetic element and the photography is beautiful.

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Recycled Sculptures by Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson creates delicate and organic sculptures using plastic waste which looks like sea organisms/jellyfish. The multi-media artist also creates installations, collages and paintings as well as teach a course called 'Sculpture and Intercepting the Waste stream'.

The work reminds me of the glass work that Dale Chihuly produces. Check out more of Robson's sculptures below:

York Photography


I was able to visit York for a day trip a few weeks and got to capture the majestic York Minster, which is a stunning piece of gothic architecture, with dramatic vaulted ceilings, arches and stained glass windows.

I also took a walk along the walls, visited Betty's and the Railway Museum. A very enjoyable day and got some lovely photos!

Check out the rest of the images below:

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Photography Project: The Lincolnshire Litter Story

My second studio project of the year is based on litter and the health of beaches. The Lincolnshire coastline, known for its pristine beaches and clean water has a dark side of neglect during the 'off-season' period, and on my site visit over the weekend, discovered a wide range of strange artifacts which became the basis for this short photography project as a starting point for the project narrative.

Each object, item or product only becomes litter when it is 'discarded'. It is produced, bought, consumed and then discarded. Items lose their meaning and purpose, grouped into this conglomerate of unwantedness- Litter. Junk. Trash. 

This set of photos places the lost object as the focus and aims to give it a sense of life, meaning or story and ultimately challenge us to think of what happens to our litter?

A collection of eclectic items found on the beach and further in land on the grassland- the vibrantly coloured objects are alien to the natural terrain, but are gradually engulfed by the sand, branches, grass... intertwined and merging into an uncomfortable coexistence. 

The life and death of a plastic spade.

Stan hunts for Victorian coins every other day on Skegness beach. With his metal detector and spade, he surveys the beach for several hours depending on the tide.

Buried and lost for decades, coins from tourists visiting the beach during the period when beach holidays were a booming industry due to the motorway access is now found and collected. 

Sand quality contributes heavily to the health of the beach. In one day, the sand conditions changed dramatically as the tractor digs up the sand to sift through rubbish, leaving dramatic patterns before tourists inhabit the newly cleaned sand and returning it to a 'natural state'... only for it to be cleaned shortly again...

Friday, 25 October 2013

Avril Lavigne 'Avril Lavigne' Album Review

Three years since her last album release, Avril Lavigne's fifth album is self titled and the successor of the darker 'Goodbye Lullaby', which promises to be more upbeat and catchy, and the most diverse album to date. 

The album contains thirteen new tracks:

1. Rock N Roll 4.5/5
The second single from Avril Lavigne's self titled album follows the catchiness of HTNGU with a youthful  and addictive hook that grabs you from the first listen. Whilst the progression is rather typical, it is a formula that works. Lyrics are typical Lavigne with phrases such as mother-frickin princess etc etc... and with a video featuring a Bear shark, this is definitely a definitive song from the new era.

2. Here's To Never Growing Up 4/5
Lyrically, Lavigne writes what she knows best- youthful, fun and outgoing lyrics. Although this is not the development some expected or wished for, the track is musically superior. With an acoustic guitar sound reminiscent of 'Complicated but with an infused modern sound, this song got me hooked from the first play. It reminds fans why they love Avril Lavigne. Super catchy and easy to pick up, no wonder the lead single to the fifth album has topped the iTunes chart in 15 countries upon release. Bring on the Summer.

3. 17 5/5
It seems like everyone is writing about being a certain age nowadays. After Adele's album 21 and Taylor Swift's hit single 22, Avril Lavigne brings us a look back at being 17. The song is extremely catchy, full of rebellious lyrics and has an explosive shouty chorus which will win over all the fans who remember her 'Let Go' era..

4. Bitchin Summer 4/5
Such a shame that it's no longer Summer as this track could have been a great Summer hit had the album been released on schedule. It has the perfect beat and tune for a road trip/ drive to the beach. That said, this upbeat and catchy song will definitely brighten up the day, if even for just a little bit.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

'Captain America: Winter Soldier' Film Trailer Preview

The trailer to the upcoming movie as part of the Marvel Phase 2, Captain America: Winter Soldier, has been released. 

Steve Rogers faces the Winter Soldier in the sequel to Captain America, with Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow making a return in a much larger role than we previously thought. Though dialogue heavy and full of SHIELD stuff, the trailer shows the two team up to face a deadly threat with all the style we loved from the first Avengers movie.

via Tumblr
The movie will be out in April, 2014. Check out the trailer below:

Hotel Puerta America by Plasma Studio

"Hotel Puerta America is a radical new design hotel in Madrid. A different architect/interior designer of international standing was commissioned to create each floor of the hotel, giving free rein to their creativity in the development of the rooms and floor as a whole. 


This conscious intensification of experience within the circulation areas culminates in the knot: the area where both corridor wings fold into each other to create a vortex, forcing the ceiling to dip down and form a cocoon: a bracket in space and time from where projections of Madrid’s daily routine can be seen flickering whilst waiting for the lift." via Plasma Studio

As an isolated floor, the triangulated forms are extremely exciting and the cold materiality also works visually, but I'd very much like to see how each floor fits together and the relationships they might have between them.

Check out more images below:

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

'Pokemon X & Y' 3DS Games Review

Seventeen years since the franchise first began and across four generations of handheld consoles, the latest offering from Nintendo are appropriately titled 'Pokemon X' and 'Pokemon Y', revolving around the origins of Pokemon, reshaping the game play and revamping the series both in terms of visuals and substance.

Whilst veterans of the franchise will know, first time players can just as easily follow the story line: you start the game as an aspiring Pokemon trainer who is given their first Pokemon and then goes on a quest to complete the Pokedex, beat gym leaders and ultimately the Elite Four to become Pokemon Champion. In X and Y, the antagonists are a group called Team Flare, who seek out the power of mega stones to fuel a weapon for selfish gain.

LMVH Museum by Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry's latest design for the Louis Vuitton art museum in Paris is currently in construction and if the renders are anything to go by, it will be a dramatic and iconic piece of architecture. 

Though many question the actual functionality internally and how it acts to serve the public realm, the public and non-architecturally trained will no doubt enjoy it and see it as an icon regardless of its usability. 

The move from titanium to glass also works in favour of it having a greater structural purity and I hope that the structure will be better revealed. I can't wait to go see this!

Check out more images below:

Monday, 21 October 2013

Ann Ward by Oscar Valle

No words. Ann Ward, winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 is back. This shoot shot by Oscar Valle, is probably her best in a very long time. Ward is quirky, awkward but totally high fashion in every pick, giving range, and beautiful shapes but also offering  intensity and softness too. Hope to see more shoots like this from her!

Check out more images from the shoot below:

Emporia Shopping Mall by Wingardhs

This stunning new building in Malmo, Sweden is the Emporia shopping mall designed by Wingardhs, which is more of an urban planning project as it houses not only a shopping complex, but residential and office spaces. 

The dramatic entrance draws people from the nearby station and the golden chrome colour offers the feeling of grandeur and opulence. Internally, the shopping quarters run in a figure of eight, with coloured atriums for a range of themes.

Though only a part of it has been completed, it looks to be a very interesting if not iconic project.

Check out more images below:

'Sweeter Than Fiction' by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift announced something 'rather special' last night- her song for the 'One Chance' soundtrack. 

The movie is the story of Paul Potts, played by James Corden, a shop assistant aspiring to be an opera singer, though bullied, ultimately wins Britain's Got Talent.

Swift's song is upbeat and sounds so consistent with her latest album 'Red' that it could've been a song straight out of it! 

'One Chance' releases this Friday. Check out the song below:

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Specimen Series by Do-Ho Suh

What may first appear to be computer wireframe drawings of furniture and household appliances is in fact art pieces by Korean artist Do-Ho Suh. Made of finely stitched polyester, the items are modelled from objects in his Manhattan apartment. 

The sculptures are full size but weightless because of the choice of material. At first I thought it was glass or perspex! 

Currently on exhibition at Lehmann Maupin. Check out more images below:

Saturday, 19 October 2013

'Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2' Film Review

'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' was one of those rare non-Pixar movies that you really loved and the first news of the sequel over a year ago got me super excited and now having seen it, the excitement to spread the love for this just couldn't be contained!

After saving his island from the crazy food storm created by his invention FLDSMDFR, Flint Lockwood is recruited by his childhood idol Chester V as an inventor at LiveCorp, not knowing that the machine is still very much in operation somewhere on the island and that Chester V secretly wants it to improve his own invention.

When Chester V's crew's search for the machine resulted in the discovery of a dangerous cheese monster, he sends Flint back to Swallow Falls to locate the machine before the Foodimals can get off the island and wreck havoc around the world.

Flint and his friends go back to the island where they find a whole plethora of Foodimals including a Tacodile, Mosquitoast, Watermelophants and Barry, a cute strawberry. Will Flint obey his idol's instructions and lead Chester to the FLDSMDFR or will he listen to his friends and try to appreciate what he has created?

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 13 Recap

So Tyra pays the models a visit and has a chat to them and people open up about things... esp. with Chris' reveal about how he feels about Nina, which makes her upset. 

The contestants go on set for their rice paddy photo shoot, which is actually one of the most high fashion concepts thus far, and the clothes look amazing. Chris' attitude is really poopy this episode but probably edited that way. 

Chris kind of struggles but definitely has some great shots- Jeremy looks awkward in the shoot. Nina looked amazing on set, as did Jourdan, but Renee seemed to miss that spark... 

There will be no challenge this week, so the contestants are taken to see a shaman and a monkey before staying a night at an elephant park. They fight over beds that night and the next day get to ride on elephants... this segment is basically a holiday segment for Bali (probably where some of the funding is coming from!)

Noone is safe at panel this week, so I think 2 will go!! It IS episode 13 already! And Tyra announces that there will be a double elimination!! 7-5!

Jourdan's picture this week is once again GORGEOUS and is probably her second best photo this competition- it could be in a HF magazine... just love it!

Marvin's photo is actually good for once- probably his best shot to date. Renee is gorgeous in her shot but her face is flat, there is missing a smize and a spark.

Cory's photo is also great- Rob's scoring is crazy... it's pretty funny its like a Tyra Kelly show VS Rob this week!! 

Nina's photo isn't the best but it's not bad- but agree that it's not as good as what she practised. She is deffos going home with that score :( cry cry... maybe she goes with Chris? Idk I really like Chris' shot this week but judges aren't raving about it. He's not safe! 

Jeremy's shot is not good, really boring and he could be going home!! 

Marvin 9,9,9 
Renee 7,7,10
Jourdan 9,7,10
Cory 9,9,6
Nina 6,6,8
Chris 7,8,8
Jeremy 7,7,7

Jeremy, Nina and Chris in the bottom. I think Nina is definitely going home NOOO!! And the first called is...

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Avril Lavigne 'Let Me Go' Official Music Video

The video for 'Let Me Go', the third single (though many sources claim is the first) off Avril Lavigne's upcoming self titled album has been released.

Shot in an old mansion, Lavigne is beautifully playing the piano to the heartbreak song which is also reflected in the video co-starring Chad Kroeger. The dark, romantic visuals work well for the song, only to be briefly ruined by Sony's Xperia Tablet product placement.

The style and clothing also is reminiscent of Lavigne's recent shoot for GLAMOUR magazine with Chad, which makes you wonder if she shot the video and the shoot all in one day! 

'Avril Lavigne' drops on November 5th (less than one month!) Check out the video below:


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