Monday, 2 September 2013

'We're The Millers' Film Review

Drug dealer David (Jason Sudeikis) gets robbed and in order to pay back a debt, is made to smuggle a drug shipment from Mexico. In order to seem less conspicuous, David drags along neighbours Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a stripper; and Kenny (Will Poulter) as well as runaway punk Casey (Emma Roberts) to form a fake family pretending to be holidaying in Mexico.

But all does not go according to plan as David discovers he is in fact stealing the drug shipment from famed drug boss Pablo Chacon, who is on their tale, all the while 'The Millers' are evading capture from the cops and a quirky family, of which the father is a DEA agent.

The plot quickly picks up and the dynamics of the fake family are in full swing, with some good early gags on the plane and throughout from Jennifer Aniston's character, but the comedic value of the movie quickly drops as the film progresses. 

Whilst the film attempts to add that cliched 'we're going to be a real family' depth to the movie, it is convenient and forced and could be predicted from the first moment the clan get together. In this way, there are very little twists to the movie and make it a brainless film to watch.

Unshockingly, they try to throw in as many innuendos and sexual things as possible as if today's cinema isn't already full of it. A stripping Jennifer Aniston, a mother son brother sister kissing sesh and some ear love making are just a few instances of random and truly unnecessary scenes chucked in there for apparently comedic value.

The movie suddenly climaxes from a gentle plateau and finishes with an exciting fight scene only to be spoilt by cheesiness. The closing scene was worse. Thankfully, the bloopers before the credits lightened the mood and was actually quite funny... now they should've just shown us those for an hour and a half!!

Jennifer Aniston- Rose
Jason Sudeikis- David
Emma Roberts- Casey
Will Poulter- Kenny

Also stars Ed Helms, Kathryn Hahn and Molly C Quinn.

Jennifer Aniston takes on a more risque role as stripper mother Rose, but is her natural comedic self, supported by a rather annoying Jason Sudeikis, a nerdy but sweet Will Poulter and Emma Roberts, who brings teen attitude to the role. Kathryn Hahn is lovable in everything she's in and here she is funny as a quirky mother.

Unfortunately, none stand out but do work together seemingly well, with some good family chemistry going on.

'We're The Millers' is part of a tired genre of comedy and this movie definitely does not add or take anything away. It is simply a sex filled brainless watch that may have you giggling once or twice. If you like to see Jennifer Aniston's stripper routine or Kathryn Hahn's quirky self then this is for you. Otherwise, avoid. There are surely greater things awaiting around the corner.

-Just Go With It (also stars Jennifer Aniston) 

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