Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Phil Wickham 'The Ascension' Album Review

I have been listening to Phil Wickham's fifth album for the past week. Titled 'The Ascension', the theme of the album is the climb up the Holy Mountain towards God, an album of admiration, praise, crying out, thirsting for God...

The sound of the album does vary, with many tracks suitable for worship and much less produced compared to previous record 'Heaven and Earth'. Angelic vibes can be felt on the title track which opens the album and 'Thirst' which closes the album.

Although there is a slight departure from a dance/pop sound, the album does not discriminate. Lead single 'This is Amazing Grace' is an upbeat track which will be familiar to those who have heard Wickham's previous records, an adoration of God for his great grace with lyrics "This is amazing grace/This is unfailing love/That You would take my place/That You would bear my cross/You would lay down Your life/That I would be set free/Jesus, I sing for/All that You've done for me" forming a chorus of worship.

One of my favourite tracks on the album 'Over All'- a reminder that God is over every aspect of our lives- has one of the strongest choruses amongst all eleven tracks.

'Glory' has all the right ingredients to become one of the best worship tracks on the record and I find myself singing this subconsciously!

With an album of worship-style songs tied together by a strong theme, containing a range of energetic and softer songs, 'The Ascension' is lyrically empowering and is arguably Phil's best album to date, written with a genuine and humble heart, ultimately directing glory to God.

It is officially released today. Grab it now!

The album features eleven new tracks:

1. The Ascension
2. Holy Light
3. Carry My Soul
4. This is Amazing Grace
5. Over All
6. When My Heart is Torn Asunder
7. Mercy
8. Glory
9. Tears of Joy
10. Wonderful
11. Thirst

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