Saturday, 28 September 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Eurogamer Expo 2013

My second year of Eurogamer started with the highly anticipated PS4- which definitely drew in the biggest crowd. Although I only played Octodad due to queues, it was funny and inquisitive; controls took getting used to... but can see the versatility of the console system.

'Beyond Two Souls' was graphically stunning and the immersive story line paired with effortless controls made the whole experience truly cinematic. Starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, I definitely could not get enough of it.

Next, we tried out the quiet and subdued 'Rain', which was simple but sweet. An Invisible Boy is only visible when it rains, in a lonely world filled with monsters, trying to find out the truth and sees a girl who is also invisible and goes on a chase to find her. Controls were simple and the detailing (footsteps) and physics made it work.

I was personally a little disappointed in The Sims 4 though I fully expected what was on show. Given that the CAS has been touring GamesCon and other events, it was the likely demo to offer gamers, but I did think they could have offered more, such as a dev session or actual game play footage as well. 

That said, the CAS was really easy to use and I think the team achieved what they set out to do to make creating and finetuning Sims that much more easier and more 'fun'. The removal of sliders made it simple to adjust different body parts and facial features. Many options were locked but I can see it being a huge improvement to previous installments.

Super hyped for Pokemon X & Y, I was eager to get my hands on the game but had to wait just over an hour to try the ten minute demo :( Just a small route of grass to battle/catch wild pokemon and then a sample battle at the end using a Mega Mewtwo... nothing special but the graphics do look nice in 3D, but not revamped so much that it doesn't feel like the grid based Pokemon games we love. Can't wait to play the full game!

The upcoming Assassins Creed game was also super fun, though took a while to get used to controls. Main character is awesome and the inclusion of the pirate theme gives the franchise a fresh outlook. 

Watchdogs looks AMAZING. The dev session just sold it so well- the wind system which adds just that extra level of realism and the way things are so open- from the casual hacking and profiling of nearby pedestrians to the high octane car chases and cop-fleeing. Plus, there is a multiplayer option where others can hack into your city [to cause havoc] and you have to find them and get your revenge.

I also wanted to play Lightning Returns and Elder Scrolls Online but queues were LONG. Definitely excited for what Eurogamer 2014 will bring!

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