Friday, 13 September 2013

'Despicable Me 2' Film Review

The follow up to 2010's 'Despicable Me' sees Gru get recruited by Lucy of the Anti-villain league to track down an unknown evil that has stolen a world-threatening serum which genetically modifies organisms into forces of aggression. 

After the events of the first movie, Gru has lost his evil touch, making flavoured jellies instead of wicked plans. Gru's plot revolves around issues of being a father- how to deal with his daughter's boy troubles and being pressured to date, in the midst of identifying a new super villain with a devastating plan. 

Realising that the minions are the reason most people will watch this movie, the sequel places much more focus on the strange yet adorably funny yellow blobs, with many scenes purely focusing on their shenanigans. And this time, their role is even more integral to the plot as they become subjects for this mystery serum. What happens when lovable minions go bad? The evil side is just as funny.

At around 90 minutes long, the film is well paced and offers a roller coaster of tension, humour and action. The downside to the film is the predictability of the outcomes which could have easily been guessed from early on. 

The climax was thrilling, but rather short and somewhat conveniently dealt with. The dangers of this world threatening serum was reduced to something laughable. The ending was sweet though somewhat cheesy and left open ended enough for a potential third film.

Steve Carell- Gru 
Kristen Wiig- Lucy
Russell Brand- Dr Nefario
Benjamin Pratt- Eduardo/ El Macho

Lucy was definitely a brilliant character addition as she created many laughs, voiced brilliantly by Kristen Wiig!

~~~2D or 3D~~~
I saw this in 2D but could very easily identify scenes which were definitely made for 3D (when they escape by car, crashing out the window towards you). The animation is beautifully done and would recommend seeing this in 3D if possible, but is no less enjoyable in 2D.

'Despicable Me 2' successfully places its focus on the minions, crafting unique and hilarious scenes just for them, but sidelining Gru and co. leaves for a linear and predictable plot which unfortunately lacks depth. That said, the movie is enjoyable and brainlessly entertaining.

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