Sunday, 1 September 2013

APP: Candy Crush Saga Games Review

I hate this game.

I always have.

I always will.

Ever since the start of the Candy Crush Craze in 2012, I have received countless notifications and requests on Facebook, all of which I ignored, rejected and blocked. I vowed never to touch this game- it's totally ridiculous. How a simple remodel of Bejeweled by graphically turning gems into candy could get 6 million + (as of July 2013) players was beyond me. It even makes me a bit sick seeing people play it on the train, with their food, even walking on the street.

My awesome auntie singlehandedly soared to level 400+ and still going. My best friend is in the lead at position #1 amongst all my FB friends. My little cousin, an avid Candycrusher was stuck on level 147 for over one month. Seriously, what is with this game? How difficult is it to 'crush candy'??

I gave in to this game.

As disgusted as I am of myself, I not only reached level 147 but surpassed my little cousin in just one month. Poor thing. I don't even enjoy playing the game. But yet I still play. Why? What else am I going to do when I'm waiting for a bus? a train? My hand habitually reaches for the phone and presses the cutesy coloured icon.

I like this game.

To my discovery, it is a simple, yet complex game. On the surface, it is just swapping coloured candy around to match three of the same to meet certain requirements such as points, collect a certain number of candy or 'clear jelly'.

Levels are varied so that some are easy and some are hard. There are certainly ones that you will get stuck on and then perhaps a few easy levels to ease the pain and then another toughie for you to tackle.

But as you progress, more and more obstacles and challenges are introduced, deepening the experience and the bonds that tie you to the game. Liquorice, chocolate, combos... and much much more.

Plus, there appears to be some satisfaction in passing your friends when they're stuck on the same level for ages, when you reach a new episode, or when you get a top score.

I loathe this game.

But at the core of this game is pure annoyance. Both on Facebook and on my smartphone. Those 'hard' levels that are only made to annoy you really do JUST annoy you. At times, I just want to break my phone because I am one move away from winning and I am out of moves. Or when you're at the end of an episode and is forced to bug your friends for tickets.

I won't fall for the tricks of this game.

Offering power ups, tickets and 'passes' to help you progress the game for cash, the makers of the game want one thing and one thing only. Your money. My Money. Candy Crush Saga makes an estimated $633,000 a day. I hate games that are so blatantly begging for your cash they aren't even ashamed to hide it. Almost on every single page and screen there is an option to buy things to help you. No thanks, I say.

I won't be trapped by this game.

As satisfied as I am with my progress so far, with over 400 levels and more coming soon, it is an endless crushing chore that is before you realise, repetitive and boring. No matter how you spin it, it is the same game no matter how many chocolates, liquorice, candy canes they give you.
I definitely regret losing my candy crushing virginity as I now only occasionally play the game and seem to only do it out of routine, receiving very little actual enjoyment from it. Urgh, I should have never installed it in the first place!

I hate this game.

I always have.

I always will.

But no matter how much I hate it, I'm still seem to be c-c-c-crushing. 

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