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America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 7 Recap

So Corey wins best photo and chooses Jiana to share the Tyra Suite. The guys get bored and starts taping the girls' stuff to the walls and so on... and so they decide to make a pact to stick together to oust the boys even though Renee and Jourdan didn't see eye to eye last week.

The contestants get taken to this week's challenge led by Kelly Cutrone. They will be creating a campaign for Emerson from wardrobe to styling and concept, which must include the living photography FLIXEL thing.

Corey, Kanani and Don will be the captains of the teams as they got top three callout, so the teams are as follows:

Don, Marvin, Nina, Jeremy

They have this whole farmyard drama love triangle thing going on and Nina looked amazing in the shot- they also most outwardly expressed their love for their shots, but would Kelly think the same?

Corey, Jiana, Phil, Chris
Corey is an alien and a farmyard couple discovers him. Phil is a random person I don't even know what he was doing, but he was a mess and completely attention seeking (even broke a fence)- they definitely lost it. But Corey did look fab as an alien.

Kanani, Renee, Jourdan (passes on Jeremy)
They were three beautiful girls on a farm trying to look like they can fix a tractor- the shots look good. Kanani looked amazing.

In the end, Corey's team was praised for taking a risk but not representing the brand as well as they could, whilst Don's team had the best photo, but did not feature any of the clothes, so it was Kanani's team that wins the challenge.

The challenge scores as follows:

At the photo shoot, the theme is nail art which is actually one of the more edgy shoots so far (it's been pretty trashy, right?)... and still they manage to make it cringe with ANTM themed nails... urgh!!

So, Jeremy and Nina struggles, Don appears to have done well and Jourdan appears to have done well.
Kanani looked amazing on set but her anxiety of clowns (from last night's prank from the boys) made her lose focus.

At panel, Corey is praised for his shot, whilst Don, whose shot I preferred was critiqued and got a lower score. Kanani looks gorgeous in her shot in the face, though a bit dead in the eyes (but somewhat Twiggy-esque), and not selling the nails, and gets a ridiculously low (and I feel forced) score... and if she goes home, will definitely be the one to come back. 

Jourdan gets love from all but Tyra critiques her lack of neck. Phil's photo is horrible, yet the judges score him higher than Kanani? NO WORDS. Jiana's picture is great, her face is a bit flat, but she's selling those nails and the symmetry is beautiful.. she COULD be going home with those low scores!

I think Nina looks great in her shot to be honest, but judges aren't loving it. The judges love Chris, especially Tyra so even though his shot isn't actually that amazing he gets uber high scores... That hand, it's like a cobra?? :( I love Chris, but this is not amazing.

Renee gets average marks. Jeremy's photo is awkward and gets the lowest marks out of anyone... he too could be going home!! Marvin gets his usual judge love and gets very high scores... (frst call out?)

Judges' scores:

Corey 10,9,9
Don 7,8,9
Kanani 5,5,9
Jourdan 8,9,9
Phil 7,7,9
Jiana 7,5,9
Nina 6,7,8
Chris H 8,9,10
Renee 7,7,8
Jeremy 5,5,7 
Marvin 9,9,10

So this has been a rather shocking and mixed week. Jourdan, of the three challenge winning girls, is the only one that might stand to get best call out, whilst Corey, Chris and Marvin could take it from her even with low challenge scores!!

Jeremy is definitely going to go home. 

In the end, the first person called is...

Jourdan followed by Marvin and Corey. It will be a double elimination so in the bottom three are Phil, Kanani and Jeremy... OUCH... I hope Phil and Jeremy goes because Kanani has so much potential!! And in the end, JEREMY GOES.... and joining him is... KANANI... NOOOOO!!! OMG she is deffo coming back.. and I swear the judges gave her low scores on purpose cos they want someone decent to come back. ARGH...

I don't understand how Phil's wretched photo could be better than Kanani's... annoyed annoyed annoyed. SHE BETTER COME BACK.

Top Three:
1. Nina
2. Chris H
3. Kanani (ROOTING FOR YOU!!)


Mike's is awful, but Alex looks really soft and Serene, Chlea looks soft also but can hardly see her nails... None of them will come back... Kanani should dominate, but Jeremy has always had high scores.. hmm...


  1. kris (lower case)8 September 2013 at 04:23

    i think the show and the 'social media' is a freaked joke.. where do they get the 'social media' people from and really..who gives a crap what they have to say? it is a joke. ugg. i loved this show and they have ruined it.

  2. I agree!!! I don't understand why they had to turn the show into (a bad version of) 'Big Brother'!!! Nothing to do with fashion or modelling AT ALL, now.

  3. The public know nothing about this kind of thing, they should have left the voting to the professionals


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