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America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 9 Recap

The contestants are shocked at Jiana's departure, Renee admits to having a thing for Marvin, Phil is going home (lol he has to!!) and then the contestants are taken to their first challenge. Meeting with the director of NEXT model management, the contestants are sent on a mini go-see challenge where they meet with two designers and potentially book a show that same evening.

So at the Paulie Gibson casting, Nina was bubbly and sweet, Marvin was bored, Jourdan was too 'classic pretty' for them and in the end, they selected Cory, Nina, Phil, Don, Renee and Chris.

At XCVI, Renee booked the job and Jourdan didn't book any resulting in her in a panic attack. At Civil Society, they chose Don, Chris and Phil. 

At the runway show, Chris looked amazing but was stiff, Nina was really fun and she was styled so well. 

Renee rocked both shows and Don definitely looked like a runway model. Cory and Phil were blah.

In the end, Renee wins the challenge and here are the scores:

At the photoshoot, the models will be lying on the grass in couture with a few mirrors lying around and shot from above... hmm average concept. Nina looks very ethereal whilst Don struggles. Jourdan finds a frog and decides to freak Renee out, creating some drama and lots of swearing which could reflect badly on both of their performances at panel (for being unprofessional), but will it be treated as a mere joke or will they be lectured like the c15 brittany/alexandria fiasco?

Phil and Marvin struggles. Jourdan looked amazing throughout her shoot- stunning!! 

At panel, Nina does amazingly with a stunning shot- she looks like Ariel the mermaid and gets great scores (FCO maybe?) Don is critiqued for his same face and his strange pose but got good social media.

Renee gets good marks and her shot is great, very fluid, and if Nina manages to get 1 point more social media than Renee, she can get FCO!! 

Jourdan is asked about fashion week and starts crying which shows she HAS personality, and her shot is gorgeous but Tyra clearly just giving bad feedback to make it more tense that she might go home. She won't. 

Corey gets a good shot. Phil gets an awful shot and is deffo going home. No change of survival. No way.

Chris' photo is stunning again and gets VERY high marks- will he dethrone Renee?

Marvin's photo is horrible- the styling is kind of sci fi but doesn't work for his already strange monkey-esque face... so yeah, Kelly was right- he does look like a cut out for a carnival??!

Nina 9,9,10
Don 7,7,8
Renee 7,9,10
Jourdan 9,9,6
Corey 8,8,9
Phil 7,6,5
Chris 10,10,9
Marvin 8,8,6

So Renee/Chris and potentially Nina for a FCO with Phil and Marvin at the bottom... and Phil HAS to go home!! But the exciting part is WHO COMES BACK?!

In the end, the first call out goes to...

Chris followed by Nina and Renee- OMG BEST RESULT THIS WEEK- Chris and Nina FTW. In the bottom two are Marvin and Phil and Phil goes home. BUT ITS COMEBACK WEEK!! "One" of the eliminated contestants will come back and join the rest of them and go overseas to BALI!! And ALEX joins them!! 

BUT WAIT. one of the guys will come back too... and that is (obvs Jeremy)... CUT... we'll have to find out next week I guess...  Sad that Kanani didn't make it cos her photos are fierce but :(

Top Three:
1. Nina
2. Chris
3. Jourdan (this girl has skill!)

The eliminated contestants did badly this week but here is Alex's photo:

And also Chris giving shade with his Alien pals:


  1. What link do you find the eliminated contestants photos ? I cant find them anywhere!

  2. This season started off a bit bland for me but for the past few weeks it seems to have looked up. For some reason I'm unable to watch it live and only until after a few days. However I always run back to read your recap and what you thought about the episode.

    So far my favourites are Chris H., Nina, Cory, Jourdan (without the attitude) and Don (who's starting to grow on me). Anyone of them could win this season and I'd be very happy. The rest I don't care so much for. Renee is a bitch and I don't get what the judges see about Marvin's monkey-face.

    I'm still confused as to why Bianca and Chris S. weren't among the contestants to be called back. I loved them and thought they weren't given that much of a chance. I don't support Alex coming back though. I wish Jeremy comes back. Michael annoys the hell out of me. And Phil... Oh my Phil. I have such a huge crush on him and those pretty eyes but he's so unserious.

    Anyways, can't wait for the next episode. Gonna be fun.

    PS. I'm still not over that transsexual girl leaving in the early episodes. She was so fierce! Oh well...

    1. Thanks for always reading my recaps! I think the last episode had so much drama and was so entertaining but the artistry of the shoots is up and down, either amazing or complete rubbish...

      Marvin HAS TO GO- and Jeremy definitely will be coming back amongst the eliminated guys, but would prefer kanani or jiana over him tbh...

      Next episode is recap i think so we'll have to wait another week to see how they do overseas.

    2. I can't wait one more week!!! Lol.


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