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America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 8 Recap

Marvin gets emotional and upset after losing Jeremy and Kanani last week. Chris is getting an 'edit'- will he get best photo or eliminated? 

For the challenge, Kelly will ask the contestants questions about fashion which gets them MyEveryNeed credits which they will spend to craft the best look- the person with the best look will win the challenge. Asking them to strip on the spot was clearly just a publicity thing- totally pointless.

Marvin, who doesn't know anything about fashion, guessed enough right to bag a decent amount of cash. Phil, though, poor Phil... with only $25, what 'look' will he manage to pull off?

In the end, Phil gets the cheapest he can in ladieswear and is critiqued for not taking it seriously, getting a low score. Marvin is critiqued for rolling his pants up which Chris then smartly unrolls, which causes drama between the two. 

Shoeless Don wins the challenge- maybe for his flirtatious and hypnotic eyes... Here are the challenge scores:

Don 9
Nina 8
Chris 7
Jourdan 7
Renee 7
Marvin 6
Corey 5
Jiana 5
Phil 5

For the photo shoot, the contestants will be photographed with paint thrown on them in an artistic shot to be featured for Tyra's exhibition. I think this is the best shoot to date and very contemporary. 

Chris struggles to begin with but manages to get a good shot, Nina and Jourdan are praised, Jiana struggles, Chris I feel struggled and I think will be going home, over Marvin who really struggled.

At panel, Marvin is told he can do better, with bad fan vote comment. Don gets praised for his body but pose is not modelesque  and receives a lower score than Marvin? D:

Jourdan's shot is stunning both from a fashion perspective and an art perspective. I love it and hope she gets FCO for this week.

Phil's photo is awful- had Kanani or Jeremy not been eliminated, they could have pulled this off. Smh- he HAS TO GO THIS WEEK!!! Jiana's shot is also bad, and gets the same score as Phil- so they will probably be in the bottom two together and the fan vote will decide who stays :X

Renee gets good marks after her makeup sesh with Tyra- a beautiful shot, but not as good as Jourdan's. I felt it was her pose and the movement of cloth that made the shot- the paint didn't do anything- it would've been stunning without the paint. Chris gets praised for his shot with a good fan vote.

Cory's shot is quite weird I think, but gets good scores. Nina's pose is more masculine and I actually really like her photo this week, wish there was more paint action going on around her though!

Judges' scores:

Marin 7,8,9
Don 6,7,8
Jourdan 10,10,10
Phil 5,6,7
Renee 7,8,10
Jiana 5,6,7
Chris 7,8,9
Cory 8,8,9
Nina 7,8,9

Jourdan will probably get first call out AGAIN with Jiana and Phil in the bottom and Phil going home at last!! 

In the end, first call out goes to...

Jourdan followed by Renee and Nina. In the bottom are Phil and Jiana and *SHOCK* Jiana goes! D: WHAT WHAT WHAT... Phil's fan score is higher than Jiana's by 0.1. URGH hate hate hate..

Top Three:
1. Nina
2. Chris
3. Kanani

Here are the eliminated contestants' best shots- I think they're great this week!! The paint definitely has more of an effect in these shots- rivalling some of those still in the conpetition!

NEXT WEEK, We find out which eliminated contestant will come back to join the remainder of the cycle! OMG please be Kanani!! 

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  1. I can't believe Phil and Chris lasted as long as they did, they were terrible


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