Sunday, 1 September 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 6 Recap

OK so Jourdan wins best photo last week and gets the Tyra Suite, putting her in charge of phone calls. She decides to be fair and give everyone 5 minutes, but she and Nina get 10, which fills up the hour. Sounds great, until Jourdan takes a whole 15 minutes instead of her 10, which makes everyone flip out, but of course Jeremy would defend her.

For the challenge, the guys will be fashion correspondents, being fed questions by Bryan Boy and Perez Hilton... even stupid ones. Jeremy was asked to take his shirt and pants off, Phil was made to ask his interviewee to spank his butt... smh.. Perez... Marvin refused to satisfy Perez and didn't ask degrading questions. Good on you Marvin! 

In the end the winner was Jeremy and he picks Jourdan to share a romantic meal with.

Here are the challenge scores:

Today's photo shoot will be a fragrance commercial with a role reversal twist... pffft. And they have to have a passionate kiss at the end of the commercial. The contestants get to pick once again who they want to pair with.

Jourdan and Jeremy
Even though Jourdan didn't know what goth was, she did a pretty good job. Jeremy was critiques for being awkward with his hands and Jourdan saying she didn't know what goth was upset Kelly.

Phil and Jiana
So both of them have probably been waiting for this moment even though Phil has a girlfriend... definitely more than a fake kiss!!

Nina and Chris
Chris was kinda scary as a woman as well, Nina struggled. The judges thought Nina could've done more as a man and that Chris was too draggy but was beautiful.

Don and Kanani
Kanani had swag, Don was kinda feminine in the face and flirted with the camera... Judges loved Kanani, getting a wipeout 30. They also liked Don.

Marvin and Renee
Marvin looked like one scary woman!! Renee was good but literally got devoured by Marvin. D:

Cory and Alex
Cory was slightly draggish and Alex lacked manly confidence.

Judges scores:

Nina 7,7,9
Chris 7,8,10
Don 9,9,9
Kanani 10,10,10
Jeremy 7,7,8
Jourdan 7,8,10 (from Rob, wth?? Justify this, please?)
Jiana 8,8,6
Phil 8,9,8
Cory 10,10,8
Alex 8,6,6
Marvin 7,8,8
Renee 9,9,6

So, who stays and who goes?? Go Kanani for first call out?? Or will it be Cory..? 

The first call out goes to...

Cory, followed by Kanani and Don. In the bottom two are Jiana and Alex. In the end Alex goes... bye bye!! 

Top Three:
1. Nina
2. Chris H
3. Kanani

Next week the guys will be creating some sort of campaign and Nina and Chris get into a fight :(

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