Saturday, 28 September 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Eurogamer Expo 2013

My second year of Eurogamer started with the highly anticipated PS4- which definitely drew in the biggest crowd. Although I only played Octodad due to queues, it was funny and inquisitive; controls took getting used to... but can see the versatility of the console system.

'Beyond Two Souls' was graphically stunning and the immersive story line paired with effortless controls made the whole experience truly cinematic. Starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, I definitely could not get enough of it.

Next, we tried out the quiet and subdued 'Rain', which was simple but sweet. An Invisible Boy is only visible when it rains, in a lonely world filled with monsters, trying to find out the truth and sees a girl who is also invisible and goes on a chase to find her. Controls were simple and the detailing (footsteps) and physics made it work.

I was personally a little disappointed in The Sims 4 though I fully expected what was on show. Given that the CAS has been touring GamesCon and other events, it was the likely demo to offer gamers, but I did think they could have offered more, such as a dev session or actual game play footage as well. 

That said, the CAS was really easy to use and I think the team achieved what they set out to do to make creating and finetuning Sims that much more easier and more 'fun'. The removal of sliders made it simple to adjust different body parts and facial features. Many options were locked but I can see it being a huge improvement to previous installments.

Super hyped for Pokemon X & Y, I was eager to get my hands on the game but had to wait just over an hour to try the ten minute demo :( Just a small route of grass to battle/catch wild pokemon and then a sample battle at the end using a Mega Mewtwo... nothing special but the graphics do look nice in 3D, but not revamped so much that it doesn't feel like the grid based Pokemon games we love. Can't wait to play the full game!

The upcoming Assassins Creed game was also super fun, though took a while to get used to controls. Main character is awesome and the inclusion of the pirate theme gives the franchise a fresh outlook. 

Watchdogs looks AMAZING. The dev session just sold it so well- the wind system which adds just that extra level of realism and the way things are so open- from the casual hacking and profiling of nearby pedestrians to the high octane car chases and cop-fleeing. Plus, there is a multiplayer option where others can hack into your city [to cause havoc] and you have to find them and get your revenge.

I also wanted to play Lightning Returns and Elder Scrolls Online but queues were LONG. Definitely excited for what Eurogamer 2014 will bring!

Check out more images below:

Friday, 27 September 2013

Disney's 'Frozen' Film Trailer Preview

The full trailer to Disney's upcoming movie 'Frozen' has just been released. 

Voiced by Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Alan Tudyk amongst others, a kingdom is thrown into eternal winter unless Anna, with the help of an outrageous snowman and a moose, can find her sister in time before everyone freezes. 

The trailer feels slightly silly and cheesy but then again so did Tangled, and that turned out to be phenomenal. With the said cast, 'Frozen' is likely to feature some musical numbers as well, so definitely looking forward to that!

The movie will be out in November. Check out the trailer below:

The Hunger Games 'Catching Fire' Cast in Vanity Fair (Oct 2013)

The Hunger Games Catching Fire cast are featured in October's issue of Vanity Fair ahead of the movie's release in November (check out the awesome trailer here). Shot by Tim Palen, Jennifer Lawrence is seen in her extravagant wedding dress designed by the talented Tex Saverio.

Also featured is Elizabeth Banks as Effie, Liam Hemsworth as Gale, Josh Hutcherson as Peter and Sam Claflin as Finnick. Check out the rest of the images below:

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Phil Wickham 'The Ascension' Album Review

I have been listening to Phil Wickham's fifth album for the past week. Titled 'The Ascension', the theme of the album is the climb up the Holy Mountain towards God, an album of admiration, praise, crying out, thirsting for God...

The sound of the album does vary, with many tracks suitable for worship and much less produced compared to previous record 'Heaven and Earth'. Angelic vibes can be felt on the title track which opens the album and 'Thirst' which closes the album.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Zedd ft. Hayley Williams 'Stay The Night' Official Music Video

The video to Zedd's collaboration with Hayley Williams has been released.

'Stay the Night' has such an adrenaline fueled video that really makes the song even better- can picture it being a hit in the club. I love the artistry in the video- the simple plot, the dance moves, the ecstasy- beautiful.

Check out the video below:

Year Two: Pattern Morphology

Project 1: Field Conditions
The series of mapping conducted in Project 1 led to a charged site plan which combines all the identified site conditions:

-Strong barriers formed by modes of transport
-Existing Sites of dereliction to be developed
-Commercial functions formed by secondary and Tertiary retail business
-Lack of cultural/recreational regeneration
-Potential for canal re-use

Project 2: Urban Housing Project (Modular)
Based on the cube geometry, modules were explored and devised to house two types of clients: single user and family unit, with shared spaces adjoining the two.

Configured by rotational geometry, a courtyard space is formed for enclosed social gathering. Balconies and roof terraces overlook the canal, with light wells strategically placed for maximum light penetration.

The issue of privacy is explored and continually developed throughout this project and the next.

Project 3: Urban Reinvention

Design Intent
The design concept for the proposal is a local urban performance space, enriching the immediate site, but becomes an attractor at a larger scale, reflected in the ‘hidden’ nature of the scheme. The reveal of the structure and offers glimpses of the performance to the public and informs the function.

The performance type will be projection performance which combines an element of dance with projection mapping. This requires a surface (can be any form as the geometries will be computationally mapped) to project onto and a front facing arrangement for optimum viewing.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

'Enemy' Film Trailer Preview

Although 'Prisoners' seem to be getting all the promo, Jake Gyllenhaal also stars in 'Enemy' which is being shown at the Toronto Film Festival and sees the star take on another psycho thriller.

From the first teaser trailer, we hear Jake Gyllenhaal's voice over talk about control and dictatorship as scenes of his relationship with a woman unfold, but the movie, based on the book 'The Double' deals with Gyllenhaal's character seeking out his look-alike. 

What we do know is that this will be intense and perhaps mind-bending. 'Enemy' will be released in February 2014. Check out the trailer below:

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 9 Recap

The contestants are shocked at Jiana's departure, Renee admits to having a thing for Marvin, Phil is going home (lol he has to!!) and then the contestants are taken to their first challenge. Meeting with the director of NEXT model management, the contestants are sent on a mini go-see challenge where they meet with two designers and potentially book a show that same evening.

So at the Paulie Gibson casting, Nina was bubbly and sweet, Marvin was bored, Jourdan was too 'classic pretty' for them and in the end, they selected Cory, Nina, Phil, Don, Renee and Chris.

At XCVI, Renee booked the job and Jourdan didn't book any resulting in her in a panic attack. At Civil Society, they chose Don, Chris and Phil. 

At the runway show, Chris looked amazing but was stiff, Nina was really fun and she was styled so well. 

Renee rocked both shows and Don definitely looked like a runway model. Cory and Phil were blah.

In the end, Renee wins the challenge and here are the scores:

At the photoshoot, the models will be lying on the grass in couture with a few mirrors lying around and shot from above... hmm average concept. Nina looks very ethereal whilst Don struggles. Jourdan finds a frog and decides to freak Renee out, creating some drama and lots of swearing which could reflect badly on both of their performances at panel (for being unprofessional), but will it be treated as a mere joke or will they be lectured like the c15 brittany/alexandria fiasco?

Phil and Marvin struggles. Jourdan looked amazing throughout her shoot- stunning!! 

At panel, Nina does amazingly with a stunning shot- she looks like Ariel the mermaid and gets great scores (FCO maybe?) Don is critiqued for his same face and his strange pose but got good social media.

Renee gets good marks and her shot is great, very fluid, and if Nina manages to get 1 point more social media than Renee, she can get FCO!! 

Jourdan is asked about fashion week and starts crying which shows she HAS personality, and her shot is gorgeous but Tyra clearly just giving bad feedback to make it more tense that she might go home. She won't. 

Corey gets a good shot. Phil gets an awful shot and is deffo going home. No change of survival. No way.

Chris' photo is stunning again and gets VERY high marks- will he dethrone Renee?

Marvin's photo is horrible- the styling is kind of sci fi but doesn't work for his already strange monkey-esque face... so yeah, Kelly was right- he does look like a cut out for a carnival??!

Nina 9,9,10
Don 7,7,8
Renee 7,9,10
Jourdan 9,9,6
Corey 8,8,9
Phil 7,6,5
Chris 10,10,9
Marvin 8,8,6

So Renee/Chris and potentially Nina for a FCO with Phil and Marvin at the bottom... and Phil HAS to go home!! But the exciting part is WHO COMES BACK?!

In the end, the first call out goes to...

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sandra Bullock in VOGUE Magazine (October 2013)

Sandra Bullock covers the October issue of VOGUE and talks about her new highly anticipated and Oscar Buzzed movie 'Gravity'. Shot by Peter Lindberg, the spread has an equally futuristic artistic vision, with silver gowns, sequins and blue tones. Clothes by Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Prada and Calvin Klein.

Gravity will be released on Oct 4th. Check out the rest of the spread below:

Saturday, 14 September 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 8 Recap

Marvin gets emotional and upset after losing Jeremy and Kanani last week. Chris is getting an 'edit'- will he get best photo or eliminated? 

For the challenge, Kelly will ask the contestants questions about fashion which gets them MyEveryNeed credits which they will spend to craft the best look- the person with the best look will win the challenge. Asking them to strip on the spot was clearly just a publicity thing- totally pointless.

Marvin, who doesn't know anything about fashion, guessed enough right to bag a decent amount of cash. Phil, though, poor Phil... with only $25, what 'look' will he manage to pull off?

In the end, Phil gets the cheapest he can in ladieswear and is critiqued for not taking it seriously, getting a low score. Marvin is critiqued for rolling his pants up which Chris then smartly unrolls, which causes drama between the two. 

Shoeless Don wins the challenge- maybe for his flirtatious and hypnotic eyes... Here are the challenge scores:

Don 9
Nina 8
Chris 7
Jourdan 7
Renee 7
Marvin 6
Corey 5
Jiana 5
Phil 5

For the photo shoot, the contestants will be photographed with paint thrown on them in an artistic shot to be featured for Tyra's exhibition. I think this is the best shoot to date and very contemporary. 

Chris struggles to begin with but manages to get a good shot, Nina and Jourdan are praised, Jiana struggles, Chris I feel struggled and I think will be going home, over Marvin who really struggled.

At panel, Marvin is told he can do better, with bad fan vote comment. Don gets praised for his body but pose is not modelesque  and receives a lower score than Marvin? D:

Jourdan's shot is stunning both from a fashion perspective and an art perspective. I love it and hope she gets FCO for this week.

Phil's photo is awful- had Kanani or Jeremy not been eliminated, they could have pulled this off. Smh- he HAS TO GO THIS WEEK!!! Jiana's shot is also bad, and gets the same score as Phil- so they will probably be in the bottom two together and the fan vote will decide who stays :X

Renee gets good marks after her makeup sesh with Tyra- a beautiful shot, but not as good as Jourdan's. I felt it was her pose and the movement of cloth that made the shot- the paint didn't do anything- it would've been stunning without the paint. Chris gets praised for his shot with a good fan vote.

Cory's shot is quite weird I think, but gets good scores. Nina's pose is more masculine and I actually really like her photo this week, wish there was more paint action going on around her though!

Judges' scores:

Marin 7,8,9
Don 6,7,8
Jourdan 10,10,10
Phil 5,6,7
Renee 7,8,10
Jiana 5,6,7
Chris 7,8,9
Cory 8,8,9
Nina 7,8,9

Jourdan will probably get first call out AGAIN with Jiana and Phil in the bottom and Phil going home at last!! 

In the end, first call out goes to...


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