Sunday, 25 August 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 5 Recap

So after some drama in the house over phones between Mike and Chris, Chris opens out to everyone about his past and explains the way he acts... then the contestants get taken to their next runway show... which spins. The clothes are designed by Ashton Michael and Kimberly Gordon. 

Cory's outfit was very edgy and did well... as did Jourdan and Renee. Mike still struggled and the designer did not like the way Jeremy walked. Nina panicked about her sprained ankle, but managed to get through it without falling.

In the end, the standouts were Phil, Jourdan, Renee and Chris, with Jourdan winning. 

Here are the scores for the challenge:

For the photoshoot, the contestants are taken to a trailer park. They get to pick who they get to photograph with based on last week's call out order as follows:

Mike and Alexandra
Mike struggled a lot whilst Alexandra gave a variety of poses. 

Jiana and Marvin
Marvin and Jiana had a great set but didn't really work the door in a natural way.

Jourdan and Chris
They look great together and should have pulled out some fantastic shots. Jourdan and Chris both got good critique.

Nina and Phil
Nina looked fantastic in the shoot but Phil was the one that was praised throughout. Both were praised for their picture.

Cory and Renee

Jeremy, Kanani and Don
Kanani looked fabulous in the shoot. Jeremy is a bit stuck. Don was just there. Jeremy was critiqued for not finding the light. Kanani got mixed critique.

Here are the scores:

Nina, 9,8,10
Phil 9,9,8
Jiana 9, 8,7
Marvin 9,9,7
Cory 8,8,9
Renee 7,7,7
Alexandra 7,8,8
Mike 8,6,8
Jourdan 8,10,9
Chris 9,8,8
Kanani 8,6,9
Jeremy 7,7,6
Don 8,8,9

Well, from this Jeremy look like he's going home... but depends on social media since Jeremy is a fav... 

In the end, the first call out goes to...

Jourdan, followed by Nina and Phil. In the bottom two are Mike and Jeremy and Mike goes!!

Top Three:
1. Nina
2. Chris
3. Jeremy

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