Saturday, 17 August 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 4 Recap

So Marvin wins best photo and Don's edit makes me think he's going home :P The guys get taught a lesson about chemistry by Tyra and Rob before having to practice in pairs- oh look, Jeremy and Jourdan get paired together... 

Then they have to take part in a sexy photo shoot with Rob Evans and Alessandra Ambrosio in their pairs. Phil struggles and looks a mess, Don struggles and Mike struggles at first but seemed to make it work towards the end. All the girls seemed to have done OK with their 'inhaling' move.

And then its time for makeovers. Cory got his head shaved off. Nina gets a Kayla cut so she looks less like Allison. Chris H looks a lot better with his icy blond hair. Phil gets a weave to get a Jesus look.

At panel, Jourdan and Renee's photo isn't great- there isn't too much chemistry imo. Renee is disconnected and Jourdan isn't giving enough oomph. Chlea and Marvin's photo also lacks chemistry with Chlea like she's shying away and Marvin a sexual predator.

Chris H and Jiana's shot is the best so far, Chris is sublime and Jiana looks good, but could have elongated a bit more and arched her back for that extra tension.

Phil and Jeremy's shot isn't great. Phil was told to give more side "booch". Jeremy was told he looked like a primate. Didn't like this shot. 

Don and Alexandra has a poor shot. Kelly said that Don looks like he's going to give Alexandra a gun and that Alexandra looked like she took dope before the shoot. Bye bye Don.

Mike and Kanani get a good shot. Mike probably has the best facial expression of the guys and his body is great. Kanani was critiqued for being short.

Nina and Cory's shot also isn't great. Nina looks really sad and Cory isn't really into the picture- he should be cropped out. 

The judges scores are:
Jourdan 9,8,8
Renee 7,7,9
Chlea 6,6,6
Marvin 6,6,9 (from Tyra, soo fixing the scores right there)
Jiana 9,7,9
Chris H 6,7,8
Phil 5,6,7
Jeremy 6,6,6
Don 5,5,6
Alexandra 6,7,8
Mike 8,9,10
Kanani 7,7,8
Cory 6,7,8
Nina, 8,8,6

Ok so quite obviously Don is going home as previously predicted... But first call out goes to...

Mike followed by Jiana and Jourdan. In the bottom two are Chlea and Don. Bye bye Don!!! OH WAIT... no, Chlea goes home! D: And then Tyra announces that it will be another comeback cycle where the highest scoring social media eliminated contestant can come back...

Next week the contestants will be walking a rotating runway... drama!

Top 3:
1. Nina 
2. Chris H (looks awesome with blond hair!)

3. Jeremy

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