Tuesday, 13 August 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 3 Recap

So last time, the contestants were left hanging awaiting to walk in the GUESS runway show. Umm.. from the editing, Chris S is going home... just saying. :P

Opening the show is Chris S and Nina, who stumbles a bit but recovered when she reached ground. Chlea kept hilariously screaming as she's going down. Most of them just stumbled around on the edge of that building so it wasn't much to watch, but Cory remembered to model and Renee managed to keep her composure.

In the end, Renee wins the challenge, but Marvin comes close. Here are the scores:

The photoshoot this week will have an alternative wedding theme.

Jeremy and Jourdan get paired together with a nudist theme. As Jourdan was married and divorced at 18 she struggled to begin with but I think they got a good picture towards the end.

Mike and Alexandra - Shotgun wedding. 

Don and Chris- Gay wedding.

Phil- Objectophilia

Don't understand this concept at all... sabotage. Awful.

Nina, Marvin, Bianca- Group Wedding

Kanani and Jiana- lesbian wedding

Cory and Chlea-?

Chris S and Renee- Hip hop Wedding

Overall, it was a pretty messy shoot- did not like the theme and whilst the whole flixel thing is exciting, the way they did it was not... seems really forced.

From the Tyra Mail, it's obvious that more than one person will be eliminated. There are a whopping 16 of them right now! 

Alexandra 7,7,8
Mike 6,7,7
Chris S 6,5,6
Renee 5,7,6
Kanani 5,7,7
Jiana 7,9,8
Chlea- 8,7,4 (from Kelly who halved her score because of what she said to her at the shoot)
Phil- 5,7,6
Chris H 8,9,10
Don 8,9,9
Jeremy 8,6,5
Jourdan- 6,7,5
Marvin 9,9,10 (not even that good tbh)
Nina 5,6,7
Bianca 6,7,5

Feel like Marvin is one of the favs right now and just going to get the good scores... but meh... So who gets top marks?

The highest score this week is...

Marvin, followed by Don and Chris H. In the bottom 3 are Chris S, Mike and Bianca. In the end, Bianca goes home with the lowest score, along with Chris S!

OK, so I think my favs are right now:

1. Nina
2. Chris H
3. Jeremy


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