Tuesday, 13 August 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Episode 1 & 2 Recap

Sorry I was away on holiday so wasn't able to catch the premiere of ANTM C20, but now catching up on the first three episodes... will probably be rather quick because we're still warming up to these girls... AND GUYS!

So the semi finalists have to walk in an avant garde masquerade runway show in pairs (guy and girl) and then at the end of the runway kiss each other. Standard poor runway... Nina catches my eye as the awkward one this cycle, liking Jeremy. Alexandra has the big personality (another one?) and Corey will go far, standing out by picking a guy over a girl. 

And then it is time for interviews... Ronald- sucky answer bye bye! Many of them have sob stories, it seems... Is Chris H the male Angelea? And then we have Virg, another transgender, but don't think will make far because we've seen it before with Isis now haven't we.

And then they make the first cut.

The rest of the guys and girls do a photo shoot whilst having it projected on the side of a building and will determine the 16 finalists who will compete to be America's Next Top Model. Not much to say about it- Jourdan kind of struggled... meh..

The judges deliberate about the contestants and then Virg decides to go home for health reasons. The group gets taken to a runway for GUESS but only the finalists will be walking the show, and they are...

Chris S
Chris H

I'm fine with those being cut... Nina and Jeremy are probably my favs right now...

Next episode, the remaining contestants will be walking the GUESS runway but they start up a wall!!! Sounds intense... 

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