Monday, 1 July 2013

The Apprentice Season 9 Episode 9 Recap

This post is beyond irrelevant now but for continuity's sake, here is my quick quick recap. So this week, the two teams have to devise ready meals to appeal to the masses and the team that makes the most orders (after pitching to retail giants) will win.

Alex is PR for the first time whilst Luisa picks Neil to be PR over Francesca. Alex and his team decide on gruesome foods over Alex's initial geography idea, making a prawn bolognese. Neil decides on a fusion of food, mixing Thai with Caribbean- infusing noodles with a Caribbean chicken, but sends Francesca who can't cook to make the dish, even though Luisa has experience in the kitchen with her baking business.

Brandingwise, Alex and Miles decide on a dark grey background and adorned it with a big skull (bad move!) whilst Luisa and Neil team up for a colourful Asian style packaging which is eye-catching.

When putting their products to focus groups, Alex's meal went without a hitch but the packaging was heavily criticised, whilst for Neil, it was the reverse. Francesca, having not tasted the food, served up a flavourless dish, but was praised on the packaging.

Pitching to retail giants ASDA, Morrisons and Ocado, Neil makes sure he promises to add flavour to the product if a large order was made. Miles struggled to pitch as Alex pokes holes in the packaging whilst Leah is constantly being spoken over during hers. 

In the end, Neil's team wins as one retailer believed in their product and placed 2000 orders. Alex brings back Leah and Miles.

In the boardroom, responsibility is thrown at the product theme and branding which lies with Miles. Alex is criticised for not sticking with his original idea of the geography theme and when asked what his business plan was, it being law and him having no previous experience, landed him a big blow. Leah, when asked what she has contributed, fired a cannon of aggression and this could be her downfall. 

However, the ultimate responsibility for the failure of this task is certainly due to Miles but even so, Alex is fired for his lack of focus on a single idea though praised for enthusiasm. Leah and Miles survives another week.

Next week, the candidates will be starting a business from scratch with just £150.

At this point, I can clearly see Neil and Jordan being final 2, with Luisa and Leah as top 4. Myles and Francesca, BYE BYE! Who are you rooting for?

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